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There's no way this episode is as interesting as the last one
but I'm still gonna try.
So first, the architecture in the Dancer's room is flammable
and not just from her weapons, but from ours as well.
This fire spreading effect exists all throughout Lothric Castle, and it stops when you reach the Grand Archives
and then it starts again in the Twin Princes boss fight on two chairs in particular
these ones; the ones on their sides.
I spent a lot of time hitting chairs with a torch today...
And, to be honest I wish this mechanic was built in to way more wooden structures, maybe with the ability
to deal damage if enemies got too close to the fire?
I think the game could really benefit from more environmental effects, more destruction effects, things like that.
Second. Do you remember this moment in one of the really old Dark Souls trailers?
An elite knight does the quiet resolve emote as they walk away, and this same emote is given to us by Anri
in Dark Souls III, a character who wears the Elite Knight Set and really embodies that same sentiment
that same courage because Anri is a character who deticatedly pursues her and Horaces quest against
Aldrich, even after Horaces passing.
Third. After we kill the Abyss Watchers, Hawkwood, a fellow Unkindled, thanks us for helping them find
their final resting place and after they're dead, Hawkwood the Crestfallen looks away and leaves
to find his purpose. We see him next outside the fight with Oceiros, and I bet this is where he comes across
The Way of The Dragon emote, and then Hawkwood can be summoned atop the Archdragon Peak
and, you might not have done this with him, but he actually performs The Way of The Dragon emote here
obtaining his own Twinkling Dragon Headstone while you obtain the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone.
After talking with Andre, Hawkwood can be confronted aside the corpses of his fellow legionaires
where you fight for the title of the true dragon.
And most curiously, if you lose here Hawkwood will actually take the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone
from your inventory until you manage to defeat him and steal it back.
I thought it was really interesting that the game really shows you his path around the world.
Moving on. For number four, it's obvious that The Nameless King is Gwyns firstborn, the god of war
who led the Warriors of Sunlight, but as an awesome piece of extra evidence, did you notice that the
Sunlight Medal sigil is all throughout Archdragon Peak printed on these silver plates?
Another thing I discovered when going over character dialogue; did you know that Ludleth has some
seriously tricky to receive dialogue? If you kill him, and then reload the area and go close to him he'll be asleep,
he'll be dreaming and he'll be muttering this:
"Ahh, it singeth, to the bone, it hurts...
Please, help me. Be done with me... No, gods no. I cannot bear it...
It burns. burns, help me...
Ahh, beg pardon. I must have dozed a while."
Is he having nightmares about the time he linked the fire, maybe?
Interestingly, if you initiate this post death dialogue with him after you defeat the Dragonslayer Armour
then he says this as well:
"See ye not? I am a Lord... A wee flame, belike, but I shoulder the world...
Forgive me. Oh, please... I am not to blame, I'm not..."
Ludleth is a fascinating character, there's surely more to him that that needs to be revealed.
He's this Lord who exists in an alternate version of a shrine where he states that he painted a new vision
of the world.
And while he's really proud of how he linked the flame, he also displays this supreme amount of guilt and pain
in his nightmares. Something is going on here, and I hope it's elucidated in the DLC.
Six. True to Patches' deep lore, his dialogue changes when you start the game as a cleric.
"Every rotten cleric's dream, right?"
Next, I'm sure by now a lot of you know that the Calamity Ring can be obtained by performing
The Way of The Dragon emote at this statue but, more importantly, do you think that they're poking fun
at the players in the description?
"This ring has no useful powers and is merely a symbol of dragon worship, a thing quietly passed down amongst
it's most fervent adherents, some of whom become convinced the task has been bestowed upon them
as a sacred duty." This is a ring that makes you take double damage and in the last episode
we talked a little bit about how they might be doing this same thing with the pendant where they poke fun at
people who are convinced that these items mean something, and I bet they're doing it here as well,
because a lot of people thought this ring meant something in Dark Souls I, but it didn't.
For number eight, did you ever pay attention to this corpse dead at the first bonfire in the Profaned Capital
surrounded by ladders?
It's Laddersmith Gilligan from Dark Souls II, a beloved and complex character who sold ladders
that helped you access a place that you could just drop down into. Yeah, he's pretty forgetable, anyway,
him being here is pretty funny, actually, once again he's surrounded by ladders and at least some of them are useful this time.
For number nine, I'd be surprised if you managed to find a bunch of items that appear on corpses
after you've killed their corresponding NPC's.
For example, the Pale Shade set appears in Firelink Shrine if you've defeated this invader in Farron Keep and Irithyll.
Kirks Barbed Set appears near Rosaria if you kill his phantom in the Cathedral,
Havel's set appears near the Stray Demon once the Havel Knight is dead in the real world,
Hodricks set is found upon his corpse in the Pit of Hollows after Sirris' questline,
and Sirris' Sunless Talisman is found on a grave outside our shrine once her quest is complete.
Her grandfather's shield can also be found here.
And finally, one of my favorite sets, which is Creighton's Mirrah Chain set, is found upon the bridge after you
kill him in Sirris' world and your own as well.
I'll leave wiki links to all of these in the description below if you want to find them.
For the Lord of Hollows ending, you sacrafice your fellow Unkindled Anri and claim her Dark Sigils for your own.
But did you know that Anri appears the in ending cutscene?
You can spot him/her in here and additionally some people have stated that Anri appears without armor for
them in a Hollow state, but I was never able to reliably replicate this glitch
but anyway, the implications from this are that Anri lives on if you want to call being Hollow living.
So, we started last episode off with the discovery that the Dancer's soundclips could be reversed
so that you could hear their original sound.
-Dancer Sound Reversed-
And now, a week or two later, user Sentuh is back with more fascinating sound findings, and I just can't help
but talk about these again, so the Crystal Sages, for example, sound like they're saying "Release me now"
when this clip is reversed.
-Soundclip sounding like "Release me now."-
The Deacons sound like they're in a lot of pain:
-sound effect-
And this is what it sounds like when hundreds of curses are stuffed inside a spirit tree:
-sound effect-
And there are a bunch more creepy, haunting and illuminating sound effects that you can listen to, so go and check out that link in the description.
For twelve, did you know that you can combine the two swords of the Twin Princes of Lothric to create the
Twin Princes Greatsword?
This requires NG+, and if you have both of the swords from two Twin Princes souls then just bring them to
Ludleth, and he'll transpose them together.
Within the weapon art of this new greatsword is both the sacred light of Lothric, and the flame of Lorian.
Next, there are quite a few NPC's that have hard to find endings to their quest.
First, did you know that Orbeck can appear in the Grand Archives if you purchase all of his spells?
He can even help you with the Lothric boss fight if you do this, and afterwords you'll find his corpse
sitting at a table beside these candlestick scholars.
Also in the Grand Archives is Greirat's corpse, if you manage to keep him alive after his outing to Irythill.
Third; if you only purchase light miracles from Irina then she'll eventually become a mute firekeeper,
moving to the bottom of the tower to the side of the Firelink Shrine, and she can even level you up
if you desire.
"Let souls be your strength."
Lastly, at the end of Anri's quest to kill Aldrich, Anri Hollows, her duty fulfilled.
"Now, heed this little warning, from this little lord...
Seek not the girl. She knoweth her fate, what will become of her upon her duties end.
She would not wish thee follow her."
After receiving her sword, she left with Ludleth, Anri can be followed to her grave in two places.
If you told her where you found Horace, then she will decide that her grave should be beside his, and
if you never told her where to find Horace, then she will Hollow atop this lonely hill outside the
Cathedral of the Deep,
a place that probably has some meaning to her because this is where her early life was, within the Cathedral of the Deep.
For fourteen, did you know that it's possible to stagger Yhorm to the point where you can perform a critical attack?
This reminds me so much of Bloodborne, especially if you do it with a fist weapon like the user Cleopatra who pointed this out the other week.
For fifteen, I want to give a bit of a teaser for an upcoming video that I'm planning on doing in
collaboration with everyone's favorite translator, Loremaster Nojah. We've done a few translation videos
in the past.
In the research for the Angels of Lothric and the Hollows of Londor video we discovered that Yuria's line
"Kaathe, I have failed thee..."
actually translates more accurately to "Kaathe, your dying wish wasn't done."
So, does this mean that Kaathe, the primordial serpent that many assumed was immortal, might actually be dead?
This Japanese is drastically different from the English at any rate, so, all of this and more will come out in a full
translation video where we go over the fascinating little discrepancies between the English and the Japanese,
but we might wait until the DLC comes out, I think, because then we'll have access to all of the descriptions.
But, I'd love it if you could throw Loremaster Nojah a follow on Twitter or something, he's been this huge
help to me and he's currently working on an indie game project that looks really interesting, so far.
But, thank you for watching this one, guys, I think we're finally ahead of the schedule with videos a bit now,
there should always be a video out for patrons whenever I release a new video, so, become a patron if you want
a bit of early access, but, yeah, hopefully I can get back into more of a regular schedule now for once in my life.
Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time.


Dark Souls 3 ► 15 Late Game Secrets

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