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  • Key learning points

  • The no go zone is an area about 45 degrees either side of where the wind is blowing from,

  • and the boat will have no forward drive in this zone.

  • Close hauled is on the edge of the no go zone. Sails are pulled in fully and the centreboard

  • is pushed fully down.

  • Close reach. Turn 20 degrees away from the close hauled point of sailing. Sails set so

  • they just stop flapping. Raise the centreboard a quarter of the way up.

  • Beam reach is about 90 degrees to the wind. Release the boom so it’s approximately 45

  • degrees over the side of the boat, so the sails don’t flap. Centreboard should be

  • half way up.

  • Broad reach is about 120 degrees to the wind. And sails set so they are just not flapping.

  • Centreboard is about two thirds up.

  • A training run is a further 30 degrees away from a broad reach. Boom is almost 90 degrees

  • to the boat, and centreboard is three quarters of the way up.

  • Dead run is sailing directly away from the wind. Boom is 90 degrees to the boat, centreboard

  • stays at three quarters up.

  • You must understand and establish where the wind is blowing from, and adjust your sails

  • and centreboard to suit each point of sailing.

  • Next steps

  • Watch this video as many times as is necessary to get an understanding of the points of sailing

  • and how to recognise them, and what to do with the sails and centreboard on each point.

  • Then on the water try to get a good understanding of the wind direction at all times to establish

  • what point of sailing you should be using.

Key learning points


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帆走の仕方 - 帆走のポイント - 第5回:学習のポイント (How to sail - Points of Sail - Part 5 of 5: Key Learning Points)

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