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Hello, I'm Crown.
Today let's talk about
Hello everyone! Welcome back to our channel.
Today we're gonna talk about
something that everybody is familiar with,
This video will be an English Corner – which we haven't done for a while.
Yep. You haven't seen one in a long time huh.
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you can go to the VoiceTube website
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Okay, so let's just jump right into it
Yes, I know it
you know it
everybody watching this video now knows it
The art of procrastination
The definition for procrastination is
trying to avoid doing
whatever you’re supposed to be doing
Like, watching this video!
Are you procrastinating right now?
Now let’s break it down and take a look
at the word "procrastination"
The English word "procrastination"
originated from the latin word
with the prefix “pro-”
meaning “forward, towards the future”
and “crastinus” meaning “tomorrow”
So, procrastination?
"Until tomorrow."
It’s Saturday
and I have a paper due next Monday
I should start writing it today
so that I can have two days to finish it
but I’m so tired right now
I’ll just do it tomorrow
O--kay I’m up!
I should definitely start working on that paper
But wait...
I’m feeling a little bit hungry
Maybe I should go fill up my tummy first
You know what they say
“It’s never right to start working with an empty stomach!”
Wait, no...
I said that
Okay I’ve got all these snacks
but I’d hate to eat them without any entertainment
I guess I’ll just watch one episode of
that TV series I like so much
Oh, what a cliffhanger ending!
I need to watch the next episode…
the next episode…
the next episode…
Look at the time
Wow, I need to go to sleep again
I guess I’ll just do my paper tomorrow
tomorrow's Monday!
Everyone procrastinates, right?
As for me?
Yeah, of course I procrastinate.
I do it all the time
The excuse I give myself comes from the quote
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
Sounds legit, right?
I know
Back in college
if a paper is due on Monday
I would waste time
until it’s the last day to work on it
Anyone who tries to tell me otherwise
I say to them
"You underestimate me."
I know it’s the same for most of us
We procrastinate easily
when we know we still have a lot of time
Now, I’m actually quite some way away
from my college life
Things have now changed
and I don’t have any assignment deadlines
But still, I procrastinate
Especially, sleeping
Isn’t sleeping considered to be one of the most divine things in the world?
But, I, procrastinate sleep?
How could that even happen?
I procrastinate sleeping
Yes, I do
and I procrastinate sleeping almost
every single day
Now you know where my dark circles come from
I don’t know if any of you feel the same way
but listen to this
Every night
after finally getting my shower
I would start preparing to go to bed
I would start drying my hair
and after that, put on all my skin care products
Then, I would shut the lights
and lie in bed
Do you think I would fall asleep so easily?
No, because for no reason at all
I would always feel the need to
pick up my phone again
In total darkness
I would pull the brightness bar all the way down
and turn on the night shift mode
Good job, iPhone
After all the settings
I would start idling my time away
First Facebook, then Instagram
then YouTube, then Dcard
then Line and Messenger and Gmail
And at right about that time
my brother would come check on me
and I would have to pretend I’m sleeping
and bury my phone under the sheets
But after he’s gone
I would go through Facebook and Instagram one more time
Then I would look at the time
It’s almost 2 am!
Would any of you do this?
Please tell me I’m not alone
We’re all in this together
We’re all in this together
But that's just my example
I know
probably most of you procrastinate
in various creative and um... weird ways?
Although procrastination is not that healthy for you
I’d like to think that
cutting yourself some slack
isn’t such a bad thing
if you want to stop procrastinating
here I want to share two simple tricks with you
the hardest part of doing anything
is getting started
So why not just tell yourself
just sit there and focus for five minutes
Just five minutes
Don’t think about finishing the whole paper
Just focus on writing a few lines of it
Don’t think about running for an hour
Just focus on the first few steps
For five minutes
if you just get yourself going
everything else comes naturally
So, don’t put too much thought on “finishing” a task
Just set a small goal
and work on it for 5 minutes
By doing this
it'll feel easier to accomplish that
and feel less pressure while doing it
Second tip on helping you stop procrastination
is setting rewards for yourself
For example
sometimes when I really don’t wanna work on something
I’ll tell myself
“Okay, Crown, write two paragraphs,"
"and then you can go eat that strawberry ice cream in the fridge.”
Here in this scenario
the reward I set for myself is strawberry ice cream
but you can set whatever reward you want
And guess what
my mind is so set on the reward
I actually try my best to write two paragraphs
as soon as I possibly can
Yeah! Ice cream!
Okay, that's about all for today
And I hope you find this topic interesting
and relatable
Do you procrastinate like me?
When do you usually procrastinate?
If you have any good tips on stopping procrastination
please leave all those in the comment section down below!
Okay. I hope everyone liked today's English Corner,
and learned something from it!
Don't forget that we upload videos every Monday and Thursday at 9 p.m.
And that's a wrap
Thanks for watching as always
and I'll catch you guys next time
See ya!




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