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  • This is the Rachel’s English 30-day challenge: Learn 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days: jumpstart

  • your vocabulary in 2017.

  • Today is day 2, and were studyingbangphrasal verbs.

  • I used the phrasal verbbang outnot long ago, and so when I started thinking of

  • what verbs to use for the 30-day challenge, I immediately thought ofbang’.

  • When we bang something out, we do it quickly, without nuance, without being totally careful

  • or precise about what youre doing.

  • The sentence I used it in is, “I can bang it out on the piano.”

  • I can’t play well, but I can get through it.

  • I can bang it out.

  • Probably playing loudly.

  • You can also bang out something like a report.

  • Oh, I don’t have much time, I’m just going to bang out the report.

  • Quickly, without as much attention to detail as you would like to take or as you could

  • take.

  • You can bang out something you write like an article, a book.

  • Bang it out.

  • Actually just the other day, I found someone banging something out on the piano.

  • >> Stoney, are you banging out a tune?

  • Banging away can mean the same thing: she banged away at the piano.

  • She played without much skill.

  • But it can also mean something opposite, to really work on something over time, to work

  • hard.

  • That’s the opposite of quickly banging out a report.

  • He banged away at the speech for days.

  • Bang down: we tend to use this a lot withfist’.

  • You might bang your fist down on the table.

  • Loud, forceful.

  • If you bang into someone or something, you hit it with your body.

  • You might bang into a desk or bang into someone as youre rushing down the street.

  • Bang. Ow!

  • If you bang into something, you might get banged up.

  • If you get banged up, youre injured, hurt.

  • It can range from something small to something serious: He was in a car accident and was

  • banged up pretty badly.

  • The wordbangis pronounced with the B sound, and then the AA vowel followed by

  • the NG nasal consonant.

  • When the AA vowel is followed by NG, it’s no longer the pure AA vowel, but something

  • more like the diphthong AY.

  • So not baa- baang, but bay-, ay-, bang.

  • Jaw drops at the beginning, bang, then comes up as the back of the tongue reaches up for

  • the soft palate.

  • Bang, bang.

  • To review, ‘bang outandbang awaycan both mean the same thing: to do something

  • quickly, crudely, without great skill.

  • She’s banging away on the piano, I’m going to bang out a piece on the piano.

  • Butbang awaycan also mean to spend a lot of time working on one thing: He’s

  • been banging away at that project all week.

  • You can also bang down your fist, bang into something or someone (ow!

  • I banged up my arm!).

  • And you can also bang something up.

  • I banged up the car, I banged up my knee.

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This is the Rachel’s English 30-day challenge: Learn 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days: jumpstart


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