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Well isn't that a beautiful balcony!
I've just been inspired by the clouds in London today
Gorgeous cloudy weather!
and I think it's a great opportunity to talk to you all today
about cloud-related idioms!
Now, when I mention idioms in my English classes
the first one that anyone says is....
What is it?
the first one that everyone says is
it's raining cats and dogs
Now, I do like weather-related idioms
I use them a lot
but this particular idiom
meaning it's raining a lot
I just don't tend to use it!
So, I want to give you some idioms that are relevant
that we do use a lot
So, here are three cloud-related idioms!
So my first cloud-related idiom is
every cloud has a silver lining
and this is my absolute favourite idiom in the history of idioms
because it's so positive
It means that out of every unpleasant or difficult situation
there is always something positive
an example of this would be
I got fired yesterday but
at least I can spend more time writing the book I wanted to write
So, every cloud has a silver lining
Guys, please don't worry
I didn't get fired yesterday because I am
Quite a funny alternative to my favourite idiom
which is every cloud has a silver lining is
every silver lining has a cloud
Which means that every positive situation
also has a negative one
but let's stick with the original
My next cloud idiom is to have your head in the clouds
If somebody has their head in the clouds
it means they are out of touch with reality
Their ideas are not logical, nor are they practical
An example of this would be
Lucy has her head in the clouds if she thinks that she's going to reach 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year
maybe you could subscribe and help me
it's getting cloudier and cloudier!
My next cloud-related idiom is
on cloud nine
and if somebody is on cloud nine
it means they are elated or extremely happy
So when I finished my exams last week I was on cloud nine and drinking wine!
So, I hope you enjoyed my video on cloud-related idioms
I know there were only 3 but this is a bonus video
It's a Friday, I should be at the pub!
but I just got suddenly inspired by the clouds
In other news, I have opened an instagram account
It is @LearnEnglishWithLucy
It should be just here
Please follow me and you can see little updates of what I do in my daily life!
I will be back to filming normal lesson videos next week
Until then....cheers!
So that was my video on cloud-related indians
........Indians? .....No.


【ルーシーと英語】-雲を使ったイディオム- イギリス英語の表現 (British English Expressions - Cloud Idioms | English With Lucy)

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