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  • Police departments are ceasing patrol due to unpopularity with the people, according

  • to an FBI report.

  • France, like Canada and the US 12 years ago, also has new, young president.

  • The new president, Emanuel Macron, who won by more than 65%, ran on a campaign of cutting

  • spending, loosening France’s ever-so-strict labor laws, and protecting the self-employed.

  • Regardless of what you think you know of Le Pen, who lost, French politics aren’t what

  • they seem.

  • The same can be said of the new politics on Capital Hill.

  • Trump’s budget deal is complex.

  • It angered people, he knew it would, he wanted it to.

  • But, the backlash will also be complex.

  • His two-part Tweet tells it all.

  • Trump could have used the budget reconciliation rule to pass a budget bill or to repeal Obamacare,

  • which suspends the 60-vote rule over matters of Constitution and budget.

  • Democrats used it to pass Obamacare, which seemed to be misuse of the rule; Republicans

  • didn’t use it to repeal Obamacare.

  • He could have suspended the 60 vote rule, but he didn’t and he hasn’t.

  • He won’t because he wants the 60 vote rule removed—a rule which, more or less, allows

  • auto filibuster”, so opponents can keep needless discussion going to stop a law from

  • being voted on, without actually having to attend any meetings.

  • It’s a silly rule in the Senate.

  • It’s a relatively new rule in the Senate.

  • The House has no such rule.

  • Thankfully, families and business also don’t have such rules.

  • Trump is playing smart.

  • The best solution to bad rules and laws: rigorous enforcement.

  • He wants his supporters to support efforts to eliminate the 60-vote rule so that, as

  • in the House, a law only needs a simple majority to be passed.

  • There is still no wall.

  • Obamacare isn’t gone.

  • Some Trump supporters are angrythough, keep watching: Theyll cool off around election

  • time when they see what pops over the horizon.

  • One very important thing happened: military.

  • China, Korea, and the Middle East are heating up.

  • China is making huge strides with constructing its first aircraft carrier.

  • We needed that military cleanup from eight years of rust.

  • Otherwise it would be the North Koreans vs ISIS jihadists fighting over who gets to keep

  • your women, brainwash your children, and kill the rest of your familyno matter what country

  • you live in.

  • Like it or not, evil or good or somewhere in the vast in-between, the decaying US military

  • is all that keeps people who don’t apologize away from the shores of the people who do.

  • This budget kept that military going.

  • Yes, it did make other milestones.

  • It was a first: A new president actually influenced the current year’s budgetbecause we were

  • over-budget from eight years before.

  • Yes, the bill boosted military spending without having to boost non-related programs.

  • And, yes, Trump will be in a better position to threaten with a shutdown later, since the

  • military is finally operational again.

  • But, the people won’t have it.

  • Trump was supposed to drain the swamp.

  • Where’s the wall?

  • Why is the US spending over $1B on non-citizens in our prisons?

  • Why not fix Obamacare with the same rout that it was created?

  • The people want results now.

  • They will come back to support Trump in 2018 and 2020, but only briefly; and in between,

  • they will get thirsty for a third party.

  • Perhaps that was also part of Trump’s plan in the first place.

  • Let’s be frank; the Republican party likes Trump and his base about as much as Britain

  • liked General George Washington and the American colonies.

Police departments are ceasing patrol due to unpopularity with the people, according


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