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  • Most of the news about Bill O’Reilly examines the history of advertising, accusations, money,

  • and news ratings.

  • The main topic of headlines from big news outlets are about Fox Newsnot what Bill

  • O’Reilly’s future is, but what Bill O’Reilly’s future is at Fox, the competitor of reporting

  • news companies.

  • It was all political.

  • Yes, there are and have been for quite some time bolstered allegations that O’Reilly

  • has too much playtime.

  • The allegations against him pale in comparison to Clintoneither Clinton.

  • But, it only mattered before because Bill was big.

  • It only bit this time because Roger Ailes wasn’t there to circle the wagons and he

  • was targeted by special groups, such as Color of Change, that go after a media personality’s

  • advertisers.

  • That tried and failed against Rush Limbaugh, but not against Glenn Beck, Bill Cosby, Roger

  • Ailes, and now Bill O’Reilly.

  • Again, Sarah Palin called Republicans a “party of cannibals”.

  • They are.

  • Everyone has problems.

  • Only venues that cater to Republican-voting audiences exploit each other’s problems

  • like chickens in a pecking order.

  • Were O’Reilly’s audience made mostly of Democrats, he might have been praised.

  • Only Roger Ailes would not capitulate over the accusations against O’Reilly over a

  • decade ago, but the Murdoch’s would capitulate over Ailes and they did last year.

  • Now, Fox capitulated again.

  • It won’t stop.

  • Fox News is beginning a trend of giving in to every weak-kneed demand like General Motor’s

  • executives caving-in to most every whim of the unions.

  • It’s over for Fox.

  • It’s over and dead.

  • No industry leader allows its most-viewed show’s most-viewed host to leaveand continues

  • to be the industry leader.

  • Right or wrong, dishonest or ethical, when Fox News fired Bill O’Reilly Fox News fired

  • itself.

  • It’s all about money.

  • Under the pioneer of Fox News, Ailes, it was about long-term money.

  • Now, governed by somegreat successor”, it’s about short-term money.

  • It’s always been about money.

  • Now that it’s become about the short-term, so short is the term Fox News has left.

  • Everything will shift to alternative media.

  • O’Reilly is resuming his work at as of Monday, April 24th.

  • And, Milo Yiannopoulos announced this week that he is returning to the public eye in

  • a “comeback tour”.

  • Big news venues have attempted to take out Donald Trump, bolster the Democratic candidate

  • in Georgia’s special electionwho still didn’t win the necessary 50% of the vote

  • to keep his seat past June.

  • And, Republicans continue to play a losing gameeleven Republican candidates in the

  • same Georgia district!?

  • Big Newsis a dying industry cannibalizing itself.

  • Were it not for the desperate scramble for what remains of industry-wide dwindling ratings,

  • Bill O’Reilly’s problems, whatever they may be, wouldn’t have mattered.

Most of the news about Bill O’Reilly examines the history of advertising, accusations, money,


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