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  • Corruption reports are in and still coming.

  • Some include the EPA functioning as a laundering screen and Obama organizing post-presidential

  • politics.

  • It’s a machine, as much as reports go.

  • Now the public has multiple reports, just coming in, that six agencies under presidential

  • control wire tapped Donald Trump as a candidate and president-elect.

  • This has two important ramifications, among others.

  • Firstly, with so many court orders that Obama’s subordinates pushed for even after warrant

  • requests were rejected, few stones have been left unturned, still with no evidence of fowl

  • play and clearly that Russians did not decide America’s election outcome.

  • While this begs the question as to why six agencies went after the president’s political

  • opposition leader without finding any inditing evidence, the stronger implication is vindicating:

  • the accused is best proven innocent when proven innocent by his own accusers.

  • The second ramification is that Obama must have either known what was going on or was

  • too incompetent to know what every president should knowsix agencies under his control

  • were going after the same political opponent.

  • Now, we have reports of the Obama administration continuing to grasp for political influence,

  • something that ex-presidents just don’t do.

  • Weigh the game of powers.

  • If Obama didn’t have the controls to remain in office, efforts to control after leaving

  • office won’t work either.

  • Supporters secretly adore the idea of an Obama coup.

  • But, it can’t happen.

  • History’s uprisings favor the small and new, not the old and retired.

  • Take Hillary for example.

  • Making her Secretary of State was the perfect way to make sure she would tire and fumble

  • and make herself susceptible, whether Obama intended that or not.

  • Like Jesse Jackson and those who trailed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once a movement peaks

  • it can’t return.

  • Obama’s best days in America are over.

  • But, he’s still kicking and squirming.

  • He didn’t quit while he was ahead.

  • People will tire of him as they did of Napoleon.

  • And, that means more political power will shift to the Republican establishment; then,

  • pray that Heaven may help us all.

  • Few things are more dangerous than one-party power.

  • While we may not get there, the country is headed for Republican tyranny, thanks to the

  • Obama years of over-reach.

  • For the first time since 2012, Chicago went six days without a shooting that results in

  • a death.

  • Shootings continue, but almost a week with nohomicidesis a record.

  • Some people will care; other people won’t.

Corruption reports are in and still coming.


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