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  • Trump is going head on against judges.

  • So far, the judges are keeping their power, which is a good precedent.

  • It’s too bad that Senator Feinstein didn’t object to overuse of executive power a few

  • years ago, but her reversal is both welcome and typical of a politician.

  • The resistance will give more power to Trump’s base and he will gain sympathy for his cause.

  • Thesee I told you sospeeches and headlines are coming.

  • Californians are getting serious about seceding from the Union.

  • If California left it would not be abandoning the US, but its sister State, New York.

  • Without Los Angeles and Manhattan, Trump would have had the popular vote as well, even with

  • Hillary keeping her estimated 800k illegal voters.

  • Keeping some things separate has always been a goal of the United States since its founding.

  • Californians should, however, be thankful that they are asking to leave the United States

  • rather than asking to leave Mexico.

  • Senate Republicans have claimed that they can’t repeal Obamacare because the employee

  • they can fire at any time, the Parliamentarian, says that Obamacare can’t be repealed the

  • same way it was passed.

  • VP Mike Pence can overrule the Parliamentarian without firing him.

  • These are the same Republicans who said that they couldn’t change Obamacare without the

  • presidency and that their fellow Republican, Trump, would never win the presidency.

  • Now that they have what they said they needed that they said they couldn’t get, they say

  • they can’t do what they said they would do if they got it.

  • Whenever Republicans whine about what they can’t do, they always get more power.

  • The best interpretation is that Republicans are hoping to inch toward a 60 vote Supermajority

  • in 2019.

  • Again, the trend is for slowness to stir sympathy to the cause.

  • May Heaven help the United States if any political party ever gets a Supermajority in the Senate

  • while having control of the White House.

  • The termunemploymenthas as honest of a definition as the lawyer-defined word

  • naturalon a box of cookies.

  • The media has finally discovered that there are six ways to trackunemployment”,

  • specifically U1-U6.

  • U3 has been used recently and most famously during the Obama years when the claim was

  • thatunemployment was low”, without emphasizing the qualification “U3”.

  • The U3 figure only considers people who were looking for jobs while U6 considers all Americans

  • without a job—a definition more likely associated withnational unemployment”.

  • Congratulations to those in the media who have finally discovered the six degrees of

  • unemployment figures.

Trump is going head on against judges.


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