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  • The conflict in the Pacific is turning into a brick wall at the speed of sound.

  • Trump vowed to deny China access to islands that don’t exist on household globes and

  • maps.

  • China is run by a party that has never lostor wonin its 70 years of existence.

  • Beijing wants Washington to recognizeone China”, but thatChina”, regardless

  • of which claimant defines it, is engaged in a publicly-funded military war between two

  • political parties.

  • There are two versions ofChina”, officially, and no one knows which version to believe

  • since neither waring party has declared victory in their 70 year war.

  • Given the outstanding ambivalence, Trump may have just declared his own definition of victory

  • for them.

  • When London meets a spontaneous cloud of smog, the comparison is to China.

  • We all know who Londoners are thinking about and what they are thinking about them.

  • So, while Trump makes headlines in China, China made headlines in London.

  • Just aselection recountis linked to US Democrats andunfair pressis linked

  • to US Republicans, four topics link to China in the Western mind: pollution, economics,

  • military, and territory claims.

  • To compound China’s precarious position, the EU is making demands about a lawyer’s

  • human rights.

  • The lawyer was reportedly tortured.

  • In rare form, the EU is demanding that he be released and the situation investigated.

  • Thetortured lawyerreport comes in the midst of a Chinese crackdown the VPNs

  • Chinese people use to connect to social media banned by Beijing.

  • China can’t maintain battles on so many fronts, not with a new Sheriff in the White

  • House who isn’t afraid to make orders of his own.

  • That deal where the Chinese were going to pour money into Hollywoodit’s had a few

  • wrenches thrown into its gears.

  • It’s funny how the Chinese block media in their own country, then their investment in

  • American media also gets blocked, in a more round-about way, of course.

The conflict in the Pacific is turning into a brick wall at the speed of sound.


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