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  • Carrie Fisher died over the Holidays, may she rest in peace.

  • She was best known for Leia inStar Warsand second-best known for her wit.

  • Having finished filming for Episode VIII due in 2017, Episode IX for 2019 is still in on

  • the drafting board, though she was intended to play a substantial role.

  • There has been no official comment on what Leia’s role will be.

  • When anyone dies, our natural response is to discuss their work.

  • It seems cold, but is its own form of respect.

  • People want to know how her life’s work will end up, a question about justice to her

  • and her work.

  • People ask what will become of her unfinished work because they love her.

  • Theyll make it good.

  • They always do.

  • But, deeper meaning surfaces for all of us.

  • Han Solo’s death, his speculated return, the runaway son, and the complexity of Leia

  • and Han’s family opened one of the deep problems in America: broken families.

  • Any runaway child should come home quickly because parents don’t live forever.

  • Carrie’s mother passed away the next day.

  • Carrie Fisher left us with many messages, both in life and in death, both good and bad,

  • both filial and professional, both pithy and elaborate, and always poetic.

  • A team that works in web security dug into claims about the so-called (and now seemingly

  • mislabeled) “Russian hackand they made some reports.

  • In sum, it likely wasn’t Russia in particular.

  • The hack seemed to use out-of-date Ukrainian hacker tools, had multiple origins and targets,

  • and, as usual with hacks, the main vulnerability was: compromised user accountssomething

  • easily prevented by using Ubuntu rather than Windows for a desktop operating system and

  • knowing a few basics about hyperlinks, apps, and websites.

  • If Russia did have anything to do with the [non-]Russian hack, it would have been to

  • get Democrats to merely cast the recent and unnecessary doubt on the perfectly-in-tact

  • election system itself.

  • Obama continues to work diligentlybetween golf tripsto smack someone on the wrist

  • in his remaining less-than-three-weeks.

  • Israel may be stalling too much to receive a good slap; instead, he went after the adversary

  • who outsmarted him time and again, including this time: Putin.

  • In life, many of us know what we have lost, but few of us ever learn to know when we have

  • lost.

Carrie Fisher died over the Holidays, may she rest in peace.


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