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- Have you ever ordered food and been disappointed
'cause it wasn't exactly what you expected?
Well, trust me, it could've been worse.
If you like to eat out at restaurants or fast food joints,
you may have experienced a situation or two
where you ordered wasn't exactly what was delivered.
Oh man, that sucks, huh?
But at least you didn't almost eat bullets,
a razor blade, or a mouse.
Today I've gathered the absolute craziest cases of people
who have reported finding little bonuses in their order.
And if you forgot the value of a home-cooked meal,
you'll remember after this.
So let's get right into it.
Here are 10 disgusting things found in fast food.
Number one is a tongue eating parasite in tuna.
Aw, look at that cute little guy.
It looks like a baby Pokemon.
It's a flesh eating parasite, oh.
In mid January of 2015, 28-year old Zoe Louise Butler
of Nottingham, England purchased a can
of Princes brand tuna chunks at her local grocery store.
Upon prying open the lid,
she noticed a pair of little black eyes looking back at her.
Snapping a photo of it, she shared it on Twitter,
asking for opinions as to
what the tiny little creature might be.
After much speculation over Eric,
which was the name she gave the translucent little creature,
and using the hashtag #tunagate,
the Natural History Museum suggested
that it's probably the head of a Cymothoa exigua,
also known as a tongue eating louse.
In case you didn't know,
the tongue eating louse is a parasite
that lives and feeds on the tongues of certain fish
by entering through their gills.
After a long Twitter war of speculation,
ranging from a tadpole to a turtle,
Eric's species was identified
through a series of lab tests on February 6th, 2015.
Unbelievably, Butler did not seek any compensation
from the tuna company for the incident,
but I'm guessing she's probably gonna avoid tuna for awhile.
Number two is finger in a sandwich.
Okay, class, rule number one
for working at a fast food joint.
If you cut off your finger,
just walk out and don't tell anybody.
Nothing's gonna happen!
In May of 2012, Ryan Hart, a 14 year old boy
from Jackson, Michigan,
bit into an Arby's Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich
when he encountered something
that was a little tough to chew on.
What is this, parsley?
Oh, God!
Claiming that it tasted disgusting
and seemed rubbery in texture,
the teen spit it out to discover
that he had bit on someone else's chopped off finger
and it was in his mouth.
An investigation into the incident led health officials
to conclude that a worker had actually severed her finger
while operating a meat slicer,
and for some reason left the area
without telling anybody about it.
Soon after, another worker,
realizing that the order still had to be completed,
went to her station and continued preparing the meal.
The injured worker was treated in hospital,
and the Arby's closed for cleaning, you know,
before any other unmentioned body parts just pop up.
Is it roast beef or an eyeball?
Nobody knows.
Number three is a condom in clam chowder.
When you're eating clam chowder,
it's best to use protection.
During the night of February 26th, 2002
in Irvine, California, 48 year old Laila Sultan was dining
with three of her friends
at a McCormick and Schmick's seafood restaurant.
She was enjoying a nice bowl of clam chowder
that she had ordered
until she bit into something (smacks lips) rubbery.
She complained to her friends, but they just teased her,
saying, "Oh, it's probably just clam."
But, unable to chew it, she decided to spit it out,
only to discover that she was actually trying
to consume an unpackaged and seemingly used condom.
Yeah, I'ma give you a minute to marinate on that one.
The seafood restaurant chain initially claimed
that this was an obvious hoax,
but soon after she sued them for psychological damages
and actually won an undisclosed amount in the settlement.
Sadly, the man who obviously loved his soup
a little bit too much was never found.
I can see the headline now: "Soup molester on the loose."
Number four is a mouse in a loaf of bread.
(laughs) Nothing like a dead mouse in bread, oh boy!
In January of 2009, while making a lunch
of cheese sandwiches for his twin sons and daughter,
41 year old Stephen Forse of Kidlington, England
noticed something strange on the side
of the bread that he was using.
What is that, mold?
Kids, lunch is cancelled.
The loaf of bread that Forse had purchased
through an online grocer included an entire dead mouse
that was embedded in it.
Disgusted over the fact that he had already used slices
from that particular loaf earlier to feed his kids,
Forse notified the government of his gross find,
and environmental health officers collected the samples
from his home.
But if you thought that was disturbing,
the tail of the rodent was missing
and made Forse even more grossed out because he realized
that his family had already previously consumed it.
After an investigation, it was determined
that the lone mouse had made its way
into the baking facilities
and got compacted into the side of the bread crust. (gags)
After admitting negligence,
and following proper food safety regulations,
Premier Foods was forced to pay an equivalent
of $21,000 U.S.
That's not even a lot of money.
The guy and his family ate a rat tail.
That man is never going to again be able
to go close to Disneyland.
A piece of me's in your belly! (laughs)
Number five are razor blades in burgers.
In 2007, Cracker Barrel mysteriously pulled all hamburgers
from hundreds of restaurants very suddenly.
Patrons were confused when they showed up unable
to order a burger which was a popular menu item.
Well, as it turns out, a woman in South Carolina reported
ordering a burger as she had always done,
except this time it had a razor blade embedded in it.
Hmm, yeah, this burger tastes like a lot of blood, mm.
After biting into the burger,
she actually cut the inside of her mouth
with a piece of metal that was embedded in the patty.
313 restaurants out of a total of 557 were all told
to remove the burgers from their restaurants
for fears that there may be more situations like this.
Strangely, the burgers are delivered
to them premade and frozen
from their biggest supplier, Cargill Meats,
who investigated the issue.
That's not even the disturbing part.
What disturbs me is that they only shut down
313 restaurants out of 557.
They're like, "Okay, guys,
"we're gonna roll the dice on this one.
"Uh, these ones probably don't have razor blades.
"These ones do.
"Okay, let's sell some burgers."
Number six is bandage in a pizza.
After ordering a large Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza
on June 8th, 2011,
52 year old Clifton Park, New Jersey resident Ken Wieczerza
ate a portion of it and then put the rest
in the fridge as leftovers.
So the next day he decided, "Mm, I want some tasty pizza,"
so he took it out, took a bite of one of the cold pizzas,
only to discover something a little too chewy in the dough.
Turning over that piece, he found a blue adhesive bandage.
Not only that, but the bandage came complete
with someone else's dried blood in the cotton
and had actually been baked into the bottom
of the crust of the pizza.
But in possibly the strangest twist,
once being a distribution manager himself,
he actually felt sympathetic for the company,
so he tried keeping quiet,
complaining directly to Pizza Hut, but that didn't work.
After being completely ignored by the company,
he preserved the evidence in a sealed bag in the freezer
and continued to complain.
But after an entire month of being ignored,
he decided to finally go public with his experience.
This time Pizza Hut took notice.
But instead of reaching out to him,
they publicly refuted his claims.
Um, our employees only use red bandages.
This man is a fraud.
Number seven are nails in mac and cheese.
Bet you didn't know that a simple bowl
of mac and cheese could quickly become a yummy nightmare.
On August 24th, 2008, while halfway through eating
a Tesco Value Macaroni and Cheese Ready Meal,
21 year old bride-to-be Rebecca Shorten
came across a troubling sight.
There among the orange cheesy noodles were two nails.
Just a little smidgen upset,
she immediately stopped eating the meal,
snapped a bunch of photos of her find, and set it aside.
However, soon after, she became very ill
and had to go to the emergency room to be checked out.
I think you can guess where this is going.
Doctors quickly discovered
that there had been a third nail in the dinner
and, yes, she had accidentally eaten it.
The doctors actually recommended
that it would pass on its own,
but that night she went home
and experienced even worse pains.
She was rushed back to the hospital,
where she remained under observation and on morphine
until the nail, uh, passed.
Oh, but, Matt, did she get a big payday?
No, no.
For all of her trouble,
Tesco only offered Shorten a refund on the meal,
which amounted to less than a dollar.
They did, however, recall all similar frozen meals.
Man, I guess it takes four nails or more
to get a payout these days.
It's tough times.
Number eight is a tampon in steak.
On July 10th, 2009, a man named Axel Sanz-Claus
was fine-dining at the Bull and Bear Restaurant,
which is located
inside New York's famous Waldorf-Astoria hotel.
A tourist from Germany, Sanz-Claus was chewing away
at the expensive steak and spinach that he ordered
when he suddenly found himself unable
to break down whatever was in his mouth.
Spitting it out, he was horrified to learn
that he had been chewing on a used tampon.
Oh my gross!
After trying to sterilize his mouth by gargling brandy
and running to the bathroom,
Sanz-Claus had restaurant staff call him an ambulance,
fearing that he had been exposed to an illness.
At the hospital, doctors did confirm
that the item was what he thought it was,
and he was tested for hepatitis.
As if that wasn't enough, he was then instructed
to wait two weeks and then get an AIDS test.
Meanwhile, the Waldorf-Astoria launched an investigation
into the Bull and Bear Restaurant, but found no evidence
that the tampon came from their kitchen,
and called the matter highly suspicious.
Highly suspicious?
I call it highly disturbing!
Ugh, I'm gonna yak.
Number nine is a knife in a sub.
In June of 2008, 27 year old John Agnesini
was just a few bites into his foot-long cold cut sandwich
at a Subway restaurant in New York City
when he spotted the melted plastic of a handle
and the shine of a blade.
One more bite, and his teeth would have found
an 18 centimeter long serrated knife
that had been carelessly left in the sub.
When Subway investigated, they found out
that the employee had accidentally dropped the blade
into the dough that he soon after baked
into foot-long loaves of bread.
Hmm, so many choices.
Do I want cheese, garlic, or bloody mouth?
The contaminants in his first few bites
from the plastic handle caused him
to contract food poisoning,
and he sued Subway for a million dollars.
But the two parties eventually settled
out of court for $20,000.
But unfortunately for the fast food giant,
Agnesini wasn't the only person
to find such a thing in their sub.
In December of 2008, Martin Venner of Cornwall, England was
about to dig into his Sweet Chilli Chicken foot-long sub
when he discovered another even longer knife
had been baked right into the bread as well.
Sadly, he was less fortunate than Agnesini
and was only offered a replacement sandwich and 50 pounds.
(scoffs) 50 pounds, yeah, 50 pounds of bull!
And number 10 is bullets in a hotdog.
On May 6th, 2004, a hungry 34 year old woman
named Olivia Chanes went to a snack bar in a Costco
in Irvine, California.
Relaxing from a long ordeal of shopping,
she ordered a delicious-looking hotdog,
but what she received wasn't as edible as she had expected.
In fact, and pardon the pun for this,
but what she got really blew her away.
Only a few bites in, she bit down into something super hard.
Spitting it out,
she found a nine millimeter handgun bullet on her plate.
But the trauma did not end there, because soon afterward,
she began feeling agonizing abdominal pains.
At that point, she was rushed to the hospital
where she was given X-rays,
which revealed that she had actually swallowed a bullet
before finding the second one in her hotdog.
Eventually, she passed the live ammunition naturally,
and Costco performed an investigation
into their meats and packaging departments.
Yo, I gotta load this gun,
but I gotta finish my meatpacking shift.
I'ma do both at the same time.
Soon after, the police were involved,
but they reported that they had no idea
where the bullets even came from.
You know, not many people can say
that they've had a bullet pass right through them,
but in Olivia's case,
that's a club that she definitely belongs to.
So those were the 10 nastiest things found in fast food.
But as always, and I almost regret saying this,
I want to know from you guys in the comments,
is there anything that you have eaten at a fast food joint,
or anything that you know someone else has eaten
at a fast food place
that has just been absolutely disgusting?
I wanna hear your horrific story below.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
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Take care, especially when it comes to what you eat, baby,
and I will see you guys next time.


The 10 Most Disgusting Things Found in Fast Food!

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