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So guys!
Today I wanted to talk to you about ...
and 'many'.
Let's go!
Hi guys, today we're going to talk about something that
'many' of my students get wrong 'a lot' of the time.
This is the difference between 'much', 'many', 'a lot of' and 'lots of'.
Well firstly these two mean the same thing
you can use them interchangeably.
These ones, however, can not be used for the same nouns
and I'm going to explain how you use them right now!
So with uncountable nouns.
Well these refer to something that can't be counted
and they don't normally have a plural form.
Some exceptions though are drinks.
If I'm in a restaurant and I ask for two coffees.
Well I'm really asking for two cups of coffee.
That's why I can say two coffEES, with the plural.
If I ask for two sugars in my tea.
Well we really know that I'm asking for two sachets
or two cubes of sugar in my tea.
So, on their own we can't use them as plurals.
So, the uncountable nouns go with 'much'.
And 'much' is something we tend to use in the
interrogative or the negative form.
I don't have much water.
Do you have much homework?
And, the countables go with 'many'.
We can use this affirmative, negative and interrogative.
I have many apples.
I don't have many windows.
There aren't many girls.
Which is never normally a problem.
So for the affirmative
much, especially, can sound incredibly formal.
I have much water.
It sounds a bit..
It sounds a bit too much!
So instead of saying 'much' in the affirmative, I would use
a lot of water.
I have a lot of water, I have lots of water.
Many, on the other hand, is more widely used with the affirmative.
So, I have many apples.
I have a lot of apples.
They're more or less the same in this case.
How quick was that?
Well, I hope you guys liked it.
If you did then please subscribe to my channel.
And like my Facebook page.
And as always, complete the quiz
that I'm going to be showing next
put your answers in the comments.
Bye bye!!!


【ルーシーと英語】much ? many ? a lot of ? 違いと使い方(MUCH or MANY or A LOT OF??? Countable and Uncountable Nouns!)

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