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Who do I think I'm gonna get?
Not a princess?
I think Dumbo could be a princess.
This Buzzfeed quiz is gonna tell me which Disney princess I am.
You say it's as simple as that, but you don't know me.
It's never that simple.
Well I hope I get Belle, cuz I think she's pretty cool.
What are my choices here?
I'm thinking Rapunzel maybe.
I would like to be Nala.
Let's see what happens.
Would you rather have the most beautiful singing voice but you can't make money off of it, be a famous pop star but everyone hates you?
I'll go with the first one.
Well I guess the second one is more like my character, Gaston, and I'm sort of in his head space right now, so I'm gonna be a famous pop star but everybody hates you.
Would you rather spend 20 years in jails but be rich and famous-- Or never be rich or famous but have your freedom?
I'll take my freedom, Buzzfeed.
I'm gonna think as Luke in this answer and say I'd rather be never rich or famous but have my freedom.
Would you rather be the best athlete in the world or be the smartest person in the world?
I'll let my body speak for itself on this one.
Oh, I can't skip because I can't choose.
If you're smart, you're smart, if you're an athlete, your body is gonna deteriorate.
Any animal you want as a domesticated pet.
Any kind of car and, no, pet.
Of course.
I want a cheetah.
I've always wanted like a little capuchin monkey.
Animal, I'd have an elephant as a pet.
I don't know, cuz not all animals are meant to be domesticated, that's kind of not fair.
Although I can tell that the car and clothes is the superficial answer, right.
I'm gonna go for any animal you want, cuz then you can always set it free.
Live in an incredible mansion, but have to stay home always.
That sounds rubbish.
Travel anywhere in the world but live in a tiny apartment; that's basically my life.
I love luxury and living in luxury, but I think I love travel a little bit more.
So I'll take the apartment and I'll hear my wife complain about it later.
Kick anyone's ass with awesome superpowers.
Heal any illness or injury, saving any life you want to.
Obviously that one.
I'm gonna take the pacifist approach here, if only because I'm promoting a Disney film.
These are hard.
Would you rather know the answer to any question on any test or always have the perfect comeback to use on your enemies?
I'm already pretty good with comebacks, so I'm gonna go with know the answer to any question on any test.
Let's go perfect comeback.
Yes, that's terrible, but yes.
I don't like having enemies.
I would rather have the answer to any question.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at this.
We call that serendipitous.
I'm Belle! I'm Belle!
I'm Belle.
I got Ariel.
Is that good?
This is interesting.
I got Jasmine.
Everybody knows you for your beauty, but you're more than just a pretty face.
You have an adventurous spirit and a strong will too.
Do I agree with it?
I have to, right, isn't that the law of Buzzfeed.
I feel pretty chuffed.
A Whole New World is one of my favorite Disney songs.
She's a red head.
I love red heads.
Thank you, Buzzfeed, for bringing out my inner Belle.
I think Josh Gad who's the voice of Olaf would be very happy that I got Elsa.
♫ Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go ♫



あなたはどのディズニープリンセス?映画『美女と野獣』キャストが診断をやってみた (The "Beauty And The Beast" Cast Finds Out Which Disney Princess They Are)

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Erina Kawagishi 2019 年 3 月 20 日 に公開    VoiceTube Japan 翻訳    Shoji Kawahara チェック
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