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  • @GordonRamsay big portion I know but what do u think?

  • Looks like my grandads Knee replacement

  • @GordonRamsay hey how about this fried rice. I've been waiting for ur answer Master

  • Looks like your eggs have been fried for 2 weeks

  • @GordonRamsay please rate my medu vada sambar and nariyal chutney

  • I didn't know you can tweet from prison

  • @GordonRamsay what do you think of my chicken fajita mate

  • Chicken shiteita

  • @GordonRamsay just whipped up burgers and eggrolls what do you think

  • Burnt egg rolls, burnt buns, dry burger, the only thing missing is a new battery for your smoke alarm Andrew

  • @GordonRamsay Hi Chef! My mom's beef steak, one of my favourite. Any thoughts? Please have some. :)

  • Even your plate's tripping Juan... as for the dog shit in the middle I'm lost for words

  • @GordonRamsay treating myself to some noodles n shrimp what do u think

  • I'm not sure what's more off putting your food or your toes... they're longer than your noodles..

  • @GordonRamsay think you can top this? #grilledcheesegod

  • They look like dog biscuits

  • Hey @GordonRamsay rate my school breakfast burrito

  • 2 sheets of sand paper laced with 6 beans

  • @GordonRamsay my first attempt at a sausage omlette. please rate.

  • Please make it your last...

  • @GordonRamsay how does my dinner look

  • Even your dog is not interested

  • my roast chicken, what do you think? @GordonRamsay

  • You're supposed to roast the chicken not take it the crematorium

@GordonRamsay big portion I know but what do u think?


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奇妙な生き物は、あなたがそれを見つけることができますか? (Gordon Ramsay roasting dishes on twitter is hilarious...)

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