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Welcome to Amsterdam.
Finally in Amsterdam guys.
After the craziness of Tomorrowland,
it was nice to meet up with my cousins again in Amsterdam.
Seeds of Gods...
Amsterdam has wide roads and beautiful canals.
It's so nice to just walk around and explore.
As this was our second time in Amsterdam,
we decided to do something that we didn't do the first time:
The Heineken Experience.
So we're at The Heineken Experience.
We're at their brewery.
Well...their display brewery...that they use to use.
They don't use any more.
And you can kinda get a feel of how big
these guys are.
Screen there: the process.
It was interesting to see the process involved in making beer.
And as a bonus, beer was included in our ticket!
A: Not bad actually...
A: You can slice the beer!
A: Which one do you want? W: I don't know, you pick.
Whatever opens first.
ohhhh..the top one won.
Alright, let's do this!
We're at Febo.
And we got this one, whatever that is.
Oh! It's so creamy!
mmm, it's really good!
We found that Amsterdam had so much yummy food to snack on.
Look at all these macarons!
mmm...ice cream!
Hi guys, I've been a bit lazy,
cos we've just been so tired from Tomorrowland.
Forgot to do a room tour for our Antwerp apartment,
but here is our hotel room in Amsterdam.
This is the bathroom.
We're just leaving today, so it's a bit messy
cos I forgot to...
do a tour on the first day that we arrived.
We got the triple room which has...
well triple or quad room...
which has 2 double beds.
And they gave us 3 chairs to look out the window.
Got a TV.
It's been clean and it's been comfortable.
We got a big window here.
Which you can open up and get some fresh air.
And it overlooks a little cafe which is currently closed cos it's early in the morning.
On the opposite side you can see the Amsterdam Central Station.
So that's really convenient,
it's like a less than 5 minute walk just to get the station,
so very convenient.
After Tomorrowland,
Amsterdam was the perfect place to relax and recover
before continuing on our journey.
Next stop, Cologne.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
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See you in the next video!


TRAVEL VLOG #11: Amsterdam Adventures - Visiting the Heineken Experience

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