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It's just --
There's all this pressure. You know?
And sometimes it feels
like it's right up on me.
And... I can just feel it --
like literally feel it -- in my head.
And it's relentless, and...
I don't know if it's gonna stop.
I mean, that's the thing that scares me the most,
is that I don't know
if it's ever gonna stop.
Yeah --
Well --
you do have a nail...
in your head.
It is not about the nail.
Are you sure, because, I mean,
I'll bet, if we got that out of there --
Stop trying to fix it!
No, I'm not trying to fix it --
I'm just pointing out, that
maybe the nail is causing--
You always do this!
You always try to fix things
when I really need is for you just listen!
See, I don't think that is what you need --
I think what you need
is to get the nail out--
See, you're not even listening now!
OK, fine. I will listen. Fine.
It's just --
sometimes, it's --
like, there's this achy...
I don't know what it is.
And I'm not sleeping very well at all.
And all my sweaters are snagged --
I mean, all of them --
That sounds...
really hard.
It is.
Thank you.
Oh, come ON! If you will just --
(male voice singing) Try to see things my way,
Do I have to keep on
talking till I can't go on --
We can work it out,
we can work it out.


It's Not About The Nail

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