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  • I want our young people to know

  • that they matter

  • that they belong

  • so don't be afraid

  • you hear me, young people don't be afraid

  • be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful.

  • Be empowered. Empower yourselves with a good education

  • With a lot of hard work and a good education

  • anything is possible

  • And when you

  • encounter obstacles because I guarantee

  • you you will, and many of you already have

  • When you are struggling and you

  • start thinking about giving up, I want

  • you to remember the power of hope

  • The belief that something better is

  • always possible if you're willing to work

  • for it and fight for it. Our hope that if we

  • work hard enough and believe in

  • ourselves, then we can be whatever we

  • dream

  • regardless of the limitations that

  • others may place on us.

  • The hope that when

  • people see us for who we truly are

  • maybe just maybe, they too will be

  • inspired to rise to their best possible selves

  • You need to prepare yourself to be

  • informed, and that means getting the best

  • education possible, so you can think

  • critically

  • so you can express yourself clearly

  • so you can get a good job and support

  • yourself and your family. So you can be a

  • positive force in your communities

  • You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage

  • instead it's important for you to

  • understand that your experience facing

  • and overcoming adversity is actually

  • one of your biggest advantages

  • And I know that because I've seen it myself

  • In that role I encountered students who had

  • every advantage. Their parents paid their

  • full tuition they lived in beautiful

  • campus dorms they had every material

  • possession a college kid could want cars,

  • computers, spending money.

  • But when some of them got their first bad grade they

  • just fell apart. They lost it

  • Because they were ill-equipped to handle their

  • first encounter with disappointment

  • or falling short

  • life will put many obstacles in your

  • path that are far worse than a bad grade

  • You'll have unreasonable bosses

  • difficult clients and patients you'll

  • experience illnesses and losses crises

  • and setbacks that will come out of

  • nowhere and knock you off your feet

  • but unlike so many other young people

  • you have already developed the

  • resilience and the maturity that you

  • need to pick yourself up and dust

  • yourself off and keep moving through the pain!

I want our young people to know


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B1 中級

頑張れ!- 受験のモチベーション (Work For It! - Exam Motivation)

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