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Hi guys, welcome to the second part of this video
Qatar Airways Open Day Interview Tips Part 2
I will be discussing the different tips that I have for each
and every step of the Qatar Airways Open Day process
you can definitely use the tips that I'll be giving in this video for your
interview for other airlines
I hope you enjoy this video!
You entered a room. There's a lot of people waiting in line
You are waiting in line literally standing up outside the
ball room area or outside the room where they conduct the interview
After you wait for about an hour or two hours on that line,
You are now finally able to get in the ball room or room.
First of all, Wait! Wait until the girl in front of you is finished
after she left the table
The recruiter will be writing. When the recruiter is ready,
You have to stand up. Things to remember:
Eye contact... Smile... Posture...
Even when you are waiting, You have to make sure you are in a good posture. Sit straight.
Pay attention, look at them (recruiter). It's okay to talk to your
colleagues here and then but when you're on that on the first line
when you are about to give your resume, you will be having all these nerves
cruising throughout your body, you will be having a nervous breakdown
try to keep it together, be cool. Breathe in... Breathe out.. Focus!
It is your time to shine. Now the recruiter is looking at you
You stand up, eye contact, smile and posture.
Bring in your resume and your pictures
Hand in your pictures and resume.
Shake the hand of the recruiter.
What I do, I think of something not everybody has told them already
especially if you have been waiting in line for a long time
What I would personally say is...
"Hi good morning, welcome to Cebu, Philippines!"
it's just a little bit of char! :D
I just want to stand out
The conversation will start flowing.
I would not know what kind of questions they will ask you on September 27.
What I can do is to give you the questions that they have asked me years back then.
What they would ask me is "What is your current job right now?"
"What do you know about Qatar Airways?" "Who is our CEO?"
"Why do you want to apply for Qatar Airways?"
These are the things that they ask.
Last time, They asked me "What is your current job?"
"I am currently working as a flight attendant in a domestic airline here in the Philippines."
The recruiter asked, "Oh, so you are already flying is a flight attendant,
why do you want to apply for Qatar Airways?"
The key is, if the recruiter would ask you about your current job
make sure that you sound positive and that you are just looking for a new
challenge in your life and sell yourself.
Sell yourself in the two minutes that you have
make sure that you practice what you will be saying on this time
when you practice, don't make yourself sound like robot
when I say practice, I mean practice sounding spontaneous
I wrote this in my blog about interview tips
You have to write your answers,
memorize it and then you practice how you would say it in a spontaneous manner
"I love working for my current company. They have given me experience, knowledge,
and skills about the industry. I believe that I am now ready for Qatar Airways
to benefit from the skills knowledge and experience that I have."
The key is make sure you sound positive and you are ready for a new challenge,
you have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience and their company will benefit from you.
I don't know how you will write it down in words but when you do read it
in a good way, very nice like you are a salesperson and the product you're
selling is yourself!
I'm sure that if you've gone through this first day
the eye contact, smile, posture and your memory script then
You will get a text that night and just be positive about it.
climb it!
You would have to register yourself and you will have a number,
a number that you have to put on your coat
Once you have the number
You will be seated in the room and they will play a video about Qatar Airways
Their history (Qatar Airways), the country's history and the company's history.
The recruiters will also introduce themselves and tell you
something about what you are going to do through the day
The key here is once you enter, make sure that you have the right posture again!
make sure that you have the right posture and whoever is speaking
put your eyes to the lady who is speaking
don't look at the other recruiter who is sitting on the other side
because the person who is sitting while the other one is standing
she is sitting and writing down her observations of each and every one of you.
you have your numbers here clearly visible and she can just easily write
your name on the failed list or on the name of the passed list
I don't know what they're doing but that is just how I imagined it
If ever they see you yawning, looking at another person while somebody is
talking in front, talking to your seat mate or whatsoever
looking at your phone, I think they will take note of that and you will not pass
that around even if they're just doing the introduction
The moment you enter the room, Think! You have to be aware that they are watching you.
Every move you're making. They're watching you.
make sure your phone is off
you focus on that day and it is going to be a long 30 minute video even though I personally,
have seen the video a thousand times
maybe 10 or nine or eight...
eight times...
anyways, I've seen a lot of times
I make sure that does not show, I make sure that they see me
it's still interested in this freaking boring video (just kidding)
My point is just make sure that you are paying attention to the video
when you enter the room,
there will be a pencil and a paper in front of you
it's a good idea to write down every year here and then just write something
down every now and then. If you are not really looking at the video make sure
that you act like you're looking at the video and putting down some notes
That's my very first tip because there will be two recruiters
one will be handling the class and the other one will be observing all of you just
like big brother
so make sure that you behave well
after the presentation, you will have to take an English exam and while
you are taking the English exam
all of you will be called by the number and all of you will have to go to the
back and do a reach test
You do a reach test and then after that they will ask you
"Do you have any scars, tattoos moles in your body?"
You will have to answer.
You may think if you have scar, "Oh no, I will not get the job anymore!"
The thing is, it doesn't matter if you have a scar, mole or tatoo
The way you would answer them,
the way that you would show them,
that it does not bother you.
You will feel you are self-conscious but don't let it show when they ask you this,
just smile and say "Oh, I have a beauty more here and here, here and here
and here and still be graceful about it.
don't say like...
"I have a scar here"... You get the idea it's just exaggerated
just make sure that your face doesn't frown,
doesn't show self-consciousness and all that stuff just still smile like a
beauty pageant girl
That's it for the moles and scar.
After all of you have done the reach tests and have taken the
exam, you will have to pass the exam and then all of you would have to go out of
the room and then you have to come back
that is after their deliberation, you have to come back
They will be announcing the numbers of the candidates who
made it through that round and a lot of times I got rejected on this round
because girl I'm so naive and I don't know what I was doing
first few times I applied
The group activities are different at many times
sometimes they would ask you to create something, they will give you
materials to create or sometimes they will give you a question and you
will have to come up with the answers as a group and sometimes it's not even groups
it's just pairs, two of you
what you have to do is introduce the other ones. Don't be competitive on this round
it's not the best recitation award
It's not the best talker wins type of thing
what you do to get through this round
make sure you show them that you are a team player, should listen to the
instructions and make sure you follow them some instructions are like:
"You will be given just two minutes to work with each other"
make sure that you time yourself for two minutes
They will also say "I know all of you have the same nationality, but this
is an assessment and we want you all to speak in English."
don't speak tag-lish, speak english!
Just speak English all right even if it's just a whisper.
speak English and when they say "Don't mind us, don't even
look at us, think as if we're not in the room and just work on the activity"
They mean it! Coz those times that I looked
at them, I can't help it. We were talking I just look at them because it's
so weird they're walking around our circle and just observing us,
every time that they saw me looking at them,
I'm out! I'm out of the next round.
make sure you don't look at the recruiters, follow the instructions
Focus on the task ahead
During the task, you have to talk because you also don't want to be just
sitting in the corner and not saying anything at all
What I learned is, you have to talk but not too much
You have to be polite at all times
do not talk over another person
do not cut them while they are talking. That's a sign that you're polite
when you are given a chance to talk, then you talk.
After you talk, you include others
"How about you Maria, what do you think?" That's a point for you.
You provide positive feedback to somebody. Somebody would suggest
"Oh! I would suggest that a flight attendant should be punctual."
You would say "That's a very good idea or that's a very good suggestion,
definitely we'll put that in the list." Something positive.
You tell it to the person something positive, you compliment them in the way
that they have provided some
solution to the problem. When you give your idea
after that you involve others. Got it? Three steps!
Those three steps will get you through the team assessment / group discussion
You have to remember in the final interview, they will be using
natural lighting in the room. You will be in a smaller room, there's a big
window and they will open the curtains, the natural light will come in
vcand they will see your face as if you are in the daylight
make sure that no scars are seen and it's properly concealed. That's the tip!
Forms or Qatar Airways application form is properly filled already
when I did this, I was out of time and I still have to
redo my pictures and I don't have that much time and I was so stressed
so I decided to make it on the day but then it was so quick. The interviewer is quick
I think it's just 15 min/person where it's supposed to be 30 min/person
that I wasn't able to properly fill the application form right
When you sit down, you'll be sitting down in front of two of them
just like you're talking to your girlfriend, because that's
what they want you to think or that's what they're actually doing
It's just like you're making "chika" so you'll sit down
you have to be relaxed but still in good posture
you have to sit properly
put your knees together and your other leg on the ankle of the other
I'll try to find a picture and show you in this video
I will show you somewhere here
your hand on top of the other
make sure that you have proper grooming as well
your makeup is done, your nails are good
and you have your smile on.
Your hair is in side part style.
Wear full makeup and studded earrings and your watch.
Your body language is very important.
When you speak or whenever you speak
make sure that you control your hands because just like me when I speak
on the videos, I always do like this, like that. It's okay you're in a casual
conversation but when you're in an interview with this can get distracting
This can be the reason they will not let you in the company.
so make sure you put it on the top of your lap because they are gauging
how you would handle pressure because the job
is very stressful and you will be working in a pressurized environment
in case of an emergency
You have to show that you can do it. You have what it takes and you are confident.
You could do this job by your body language.
You have to have the ability to remain calm.
Breathe in, breathe out. Think that being nervous, being anxious is a good sign.
This means you really want this
just always think positive and whenever you talk, talk positive and be enthusiastic.
be happy that you are there on the final interview
after all the cuts that they made, you made it there
make sure that you are worthy of that slot and they are not wasting
any time on you just make sure you get this interview right
they would probably ask you questions about the things
that you have filled out on that Qatar Airways application form that they
gave you the day before, you have to fill it out
all of it and they will be looking at your jobs that you have done before,
probably the things that they would ask is "what are the challenges that you have faced before?"
if you are a current cabin crew they will ask you
"What is the worst flight you have been in and how you handled the situation?"
"What is the worst in flight case that you have?"
"What is the worst passenger experience that you had and how you handled it?"
The key to answering these questions, also I wrote this in my blog
this is the behavioral question and how to answer it is basically divided into
three three sections: 1st section - what happened
2nd section - what you did 3rd section - in the end it was all right
You have to tell them a story where in it was a successful story that you
don't want to share a story that your failure
everything's bad, anything that is negative. You don't want that to happen
They're asking you a question that can be so
negative and then make sure that you answer it get back in a positive way
that's what they want to hear
They will ask you negative questions make sure you turn it into a positive thing
In the end everybody learned a lesson everybody will become closer to each other
That's how they do it. I guess that's it
This is my Qatar Airways Interview Tips
Qatar Airways Open Day Interview Tips
I was actually thinking about demonstrating the things that I have
talked about in this video
To make it more fun, involve my friends so I'll have more actors for you
then again I see that a lot of people are
going to be needing the steps and I hope that I have covered everything
I have given you some ways where you will be able to prepare yourself for the coming interview
I'm so happy to see somebody, even just one person get in
because of their dedication and of you applying the tips that have given
you and also preparing yourself
I'm not taking all the credit. You have to do the work.
Let me know, update me.
Thanks for watching and I hope that you learned a
thing or two on this video. If this has been helpful for you please give me a
thumbs up or like this video subscribe to my channel and let me know how your
journey goes and I'll be waiting for your comments down below and once again
Good luck and I will fly with you soon!


Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Open Day Interview Tips (part 2)

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