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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • So we are actually heading backstage of this Taiwanese Opera

  • Honestly this is so exciting

  • because we finally get to see their costume, makeup

  • and everything

  • Hi hello hello

  • Hey she's the one I told you about

  • makes a living off youtube ( I don't really )

  • Hiiii

  • So you pasting this wig

  • I know English

  • Ohhh okayy

  • She only knows this one line

  • Ohhh

  • So you rather have me asked in English?

  • Noooo

  • What made you start practicing Taiwanese Opera?

  • My mom is actually the lead actress

  • but she didn't push me onto this path

  • I just thought that it'd be unfortunate if this

  • this culture was lost forever

  • How long does it take for you to complete this look?

  • About an hour, with the hair

  • Do you create a new look every time?

  • Yea it depends on the storyline

  • My role today is the Cattle Fairy

  • that's why I have this nose

  • to embrace the characteristics of a cattle

  • I'd go on the internet

  • to look for inspirations from native symbols

  • then I incorporate them with

  • the Taiwanese Opera makeup

  • Have you had a period when you struggled with

  • throughout your childhood

  • Yea there was a period of time

  • when Taiwanese Opera wasn't so popular

  • and there was a drop in the number of performances

  • I didn't want to tell my friends in school

  • that my family was running this crew

  • of Taiwanese Opera

  • Hi auntie

  • How are you?

  • So you came with your friends?

  • Yes

  • So do you watch this

  • regularly

  • like do you normally watch this?

  • Oh I love Taiwanese Opera

  • And you understand the stories?

  • Of course I do

  • Oh really?

  • The appreciation of it comes with age

  • Oh wow

  • I've never watched it so I don't really know

  • I practice their type of music for voices

  • Oh really?

  • Yea theirs is comparable to the Beijing Opera

  • We want to thank the audience

  • for being here today

  • and all the support

  • Yes?


  • So these are actual money stuck onto

  • the banners

  • and they are served as bonuses

  • for the performers and the artists

  • Taiwanese Opera is actually conducted

  • solely in Taiwanese

  • so if you don't understand the dialect

  • or the language

  • it's actually really hard

  • for you to understand

  • what they are singing or playing

  • ( Taiwanese )

  • She's the script writer for our story today

  • Master Xin Mei

  • Thank you everyone

  • Inspired by Shakespeare right?

  • I want to take a bow

  • Thank you so much

So we are actually heading backstage of this Taiwanese Opera


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