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  • So I might have told you that

  • On the flight back to Taiwan from Toronto

  • I met two Canadian teachers

  • told me that they've come here to teach for the first time

  • and they told me

  • they ate a bunch of pasta and sushi

  • in the fear that they couldn't get the same thing

  • in Taiwan

  • well they couldn't be more wrong

  • The diversity of food in Taiwan

  • is just amazing

  • It's such a contrast

  • to our population here in Taiwan

  • because there's such a huge variety

  • in terms of food

  • and you can pretty much find any type of food

  • in Taiwan

  • and today I'm going to show you that

  • just exactly that

  • On this single street

  • I've spotted Japanese

  • Korean

  • even Macau Portuguese fusion restaurant

  • and even if you only consume food prepared in Halal

  • well you'd be surprised

  • just Google away

  • and you will find Indian restaurant

  • just within reach

  • Just across the block

  • I actually found German

  • Meddittearaen Singaporean

  • This is honestly the variety I never thought of

  • and there're also a bunch of theme restaurants

  • that could appear quite strange

  • but if you are up to the challenge

  • Definitely request a table

  • I'm actually so thrilled to spot a shisha cafe

  • right at the heart of residential area

  • in Taipei

  • This is located on the first floor of an apartment

  • Aside from our own traditional dessert

  • we people in Taiwan

  • are actually really adventurous and open minded

  • when it comes to dessert

  • dun dun dun

  • can you believe we actually have crounts in Taiwan?

  • the point is

  • you really don't have to try the local foods

  • to enjoy your journey here

  • in Taiwan

  • Did you find something you are craving?

  • because if you didn't

  • I'd be pretty disappointed

  • but

  • not that it(I) matters anyway

So I might have told you that


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