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If you've had some experience with Drupal 7 and are trying to decide if there are enough
good reasons to upgrade to Drupal 8 or start a new project in 8, then this series is meant
to give you a thorough but streamlined overview of the changes that have taken place and what
they mean for your workflow.
An amazing amount of work has gone into improving nearly every aspect of Drupal, and as you
start the process of learning I can almost guarantee that you'll get more and more excited.
As I prepared for this collection I found myself feeling really proud of the Drupal
Drupal 8 has been in development for years and even though there have been some dramatic
changes none of them has occurred without a deep comparison of the pros and cons of
each change. From the perspective of someone who has used Drupal for nearly a decade every
change I've seen has felt both important and carefully restrained.
The things that were working in Drupal 7 were kept around and the things that weren't have
been fixed or improved. What I'd like to do for you here is offer an accelerated version
of a learning process that most of us will eventually go through as we migrate to Drupal
In the first videos I'm going to highlight every change in Drupal's user interface from
7 to 8. By doing this we'll get a clear sense of what's been added, what's been removed
and what's moved or changed. Even though you would eventually discover these changes on
your own reviewing all of the changes at once in context will help you develop a growing
appreciation for the changes in Drupal 8.
It will tie the changes together in a meaningful way and it will give you a solid foundation
to build on as you dive into your first Drupal 8 projects. Once we're done reviewing the
interface we'll continue onto more developer-centric videos. Like how to migrate your data from
earlier versions of Drupal to 8, how to upgrade your theme, and how to convert custom modules.
But we're starting with the interface because regardless of your experience level and what
your role in Drupal is, you'll almost definitely be spending a fair share of your time in the
interface. And in Drupal 8 that's actually a pretty nice place to be.


Welcome to "Upgrading to Drupal 8"

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