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- So, it's called stinky tofu because it is
stinky. - Beautiful.
Oh. - Oh.
- Stinky tofu is basically fermented tofu that's deep fried.
It comes, usually, with pickled cabbage,
a sweet and salty sauce, and chili sauce.
I always make a point to get stinky tofu
whenever I visit a night market in Taiwan.
The smell was definitely something that
I didn't like at first, and I've really grown
to love the taste of stinky tofu.
So, today I'm going to be sharing this dish
with some of my co-workers and I'm really
excited to see what they think of it.
- Mmmmmmm.
- It smells like old shrimp.
- It smells like armpit, gym socks
- It smells like
- like wet pennies.
- Let's get a close up on Kane's eyes,
'cause they're watering a little bit.
(coughing and laughing)
- Wow, that's good.
- I don't like it at all.
- It's got an aftertaste.
- The aftertaste is like the smell.
- It's good.
- Yeah?
- The texture is nice, I will say that.
- The equivalent of what I imagine, like, gym socks
would taste like in, like, a seventh grader's locker
that were there for like six months.
- Oh, my God you're killing me, but also, also I can see it.
- I'm kind of into it.
- She doesn't like it.
- I have mixed feelings.
- This sauce is dope.
These sauces are really great. - Trying to convince
- Definitely soaking the insides is, like, key.
- Do people eat this, like, in their homes mainly,
or like out in the open?
- It's very much street food.
- Okay, 'cause they don't want the smell, I'm assuming,
to, like, get trapped in their house.
- I don't think, no matter if you're Taiwanese or not,
I don't think you want - Yeah.
that smell, like, persisting.
- It's definitely an acquired taste.
- It's like just left of being really good,
you know what I mean? - I think it's fine, honestly.
- It's just very new.
- It's just very new, - It's new, yeah.
maybe I'll like it the next time around.
- Okay, so, a lot less people liked it
than I thought they would, and I'm not insulted
that a lot of people didn't like this
because there are Taiwanese people
that don't like this either.
Like my friend said before, it's an acquired taste
and plus, it means more for me, right?
You guys want some?



Americans Try Stinky Tofu For The First Time

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