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  • Hi I'm John Di Domenico, I'm a Donald Trump impersonator.

  • And here's my six steps to becoming Donald Trump.

  • Number 1: Cadence

  • The way that Trump speaks is unique, and it's very simple,

  • and if you've ever seen The Apprentice,

  • he talks just like this.

  • Guys, you got beaten up out there, you did a terrible job, and

  • you're fired!

  • Number two: language

  • Trump has a very specific set of word.

  • On the positive side it's:

  • "fantastic"

  • "incredible"

  • This is "spectacular".

  • "Best of the best"

  • The "most luxurious" in the world.

  • It's gonna be incredible!

  • On the negative side it's:

  • This was an absolute, total "disaster".

  • "low energy"

  • "lightweight"

  • "moron"

  • "dummy"

  • This is his safe words all the time.

  • Number 3: the mouth

  • He forms his words right here,

  • all the words * in the lips, the teeth and the tongue.

  • You can hear what he says "tremendous a loser".

  • Four: the face.

  • You've gotta be able to get the Trump face.

  • When he's listening, it's very, very intense.

  • And when he's speaking, he opens up.

  • "Listen, I'm telling you, it's gonna be absolutely fantastic!"

  • Five: body language.

  • Watch his body language.

  • When he sits in an interview, his legs will open,

  • he's kind of leaning a little bit,

  • he's ready to go.

  • He's an athlete.

  • Number 6: attitude

  • His attitude is the winning attitude.

  • "Get out of my way."

  • This is how you build a Donald Trump from the ground up.

  • I'm Donald Trump.

  • Let's make America great again.

Hi I'm John Di Domenico, I'm a Donald Trump impersonator.


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ドナルド・トランプになりすます方法 (How to Impersonate Donald Trump)

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