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Welcome to the VitaLife show. I'm doctor Janine Bowring
and today's topic is all about how to heal yourself
using mind-body medicine now
a lot of you realize I'm sure that everything that's going on in your body
has a lot to do with your thoughts and you can't really have a healthy body if
you don't have healthy thoughts and your thoughts basically make
or break your health if you tend to think about disease if you fear
developing disease if you have thought provoking
tired being unmotivated
not having energy you fear you're getting diseases that are in your family
then that's exactly what will happen you will get those diseases
this is so true for all the cancer patient that I've ever met
over many years practicing as a naturopathic doctor
they've always had the common denominator and this was
a fear of cancer if you don't fear it you can create it
however every cancer patient I've ever met has always had a fear
cancer so be very mindful of your thoughts you can't be thinking about
negative things because basically
that's what you start to manifest in your physical body its so important that
again what you're thinking about
needs to switch around so if it is a negative thought
you have to switch into something more positive and the more that you do this and
make that switching and have that switching effect
you start to manifest health and miracles can happen at a
cellular level and I've seen this happen at a cellular level yourself start to work
the way that they're supposed to no matter what diagnosis you have so say I
don't really believe in this whole diagnosis and prognosis them
you have you know so much many months or years to live
I don't believe in it I believe that if your thoughts are positive
you have the ability to completely heal yourself heal your body
of all things but it starts with your mind you have to get your mind around this
make sure that your meditating with positive thoughts
feel well be well be your
alternate healthiest person you can be be sure to subscribe to the
channel I thank you for joining me today
leave your comments and questions below I'm here to help if you do you have
comments or questions if you're struggling through your own journey
with any type of disease maybe it is cancer I encourage you to please leave
your comments and questions below
a lot of my mom to cancer this is heard my mission is to really educate people
and help them
on your healing journey so again I thank you for joining me today be sure to like
us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
@vitatree remember really about your health is in your own hands you have the
ability to turn your health around
to live healthy and vital life the VitaLife


How to Heal Yourself Using Body Mind Medicine - VitaLife Show Episode 128

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