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Tottori Sand Dune Adventure: Japan’s Crazy Desert Revealed
So here I am in Tottori
at the Tottori Sand Dunes or the Tottori Sakyu
Now this place might just look like a big beach but
it’s a lot more than that
You’re image of Japan is probably of Tokyo
the bullet trains buzzing by
Tokyo Tower. SkyTree
Lots of people. Neon signs.
Restaurants everywhere.
And here …
There’s not even a vending machine. I mean ..
Come on! It’s just a big — desert!
Exactly! This is Japan’s biggest desert
which is right on the coast of Tottori City
on the Sea of Japan.
16 km by 2 km wide
making it more than half the size of Manhattan in New York.
See those dots down there?
Those are tourists climbing the over 50m high sand dune.
Which is exactly what I’m about to do right now.
The sand dunes are Tottori’s biggest tourist draw
with over 2 million people visiting annually
It’s part of the Sanin Kaigen National Park.
The dunes can be anywhere from 50 to 90 meters high!
It’s one of the strangest sights to see in Japan.
You can even ride camels!
Native to --
Somewhere, but not here.
There’s also sand surfing, paragliding and horse carting
if you don’t like wandering around the desert.
The Tottori Sand Dunes are an amazing sight.
From here, you can see the whole horizon
and contemplate life as we know it.
… or you can get up
and go to the “Suna no Bijyutsukan“ or the SAND MUSEUM.
It’s a world class art museum
with some of the most impressive sand sculptures in the world.
Each one is created by an international artist
sharing a common theme.
It truly is like entering another world.
Sand is used from the dunes across the street
and recycled every year.
The art of sand sculpting started in the US over 40 years ago
and its popularity has spread.
This museum with the dedicated leadership of executive producer
Chaen-san (茶園さん)
opened in 2006.
This really is incredible.
The creator of all this is Chaen-san
and I got a chance to interview him earlier
and asked him, how is this all possible?
Nature created the Tottori Sand Dunes
and this man-made museum
seems like the perfect compliment to it all.
Chaen-san is the executive producer of the sand museum.
He’s also a world renown sand sculptor
and brings all the artists together to make what you see here.
Now he’s creating a sculpture of Christ the Redeemer from Rio.
He uses all sorts of tools to work the sand.
The color and consistency of the Tottori Sand Dune Sand
is perfect for this type of art.
There are straws.
Clay loops.
Even curry rice spoons!
Many of the items are things most people
already have in their garage
or in their wallets!
Is that a ...
A gold American Express card.
It’s light, flexible and does the job.
Of course Chaen-san recommends GOLD!
These tools help there artist’s vision
and I wanted to get to know more about Chaen-san’s vision
for this museum.
This place had nothing. Just fields.
So with the help of city officials,
we cut down the bushes,
and created sculptures.
110,000 people came in just a month.
So Tottori thought this might work
as a tourist attraction
and continued every year since.
The next year, 200,000 people came.
Then 300,000 and
after 400,000, we needed a building for it.
Every time a typhoon came
it blew away our work.
So this museum building was constructed.
It’s a very modern and clean building where
your mother won’t be angry at you
for bringing sand into the house.
It’s a sand paradise!
The layout has been well planned.
with mysteries you can uncover like --
Only visible from the upper floor.
This year’s theme is South America
looking at its history.
Chaen-san emphasises the people.
The faces are lifelike and amazingly detailed.
The Golden color of the Tottori sand here
is good for seeing the shadows.
Even love has a place here ...
but those monkeys better stay in the trees!
It’s a jungle down there!
The Rio Summer Olympics in Brazil has had an influence as well.
Samba dancers popping out of the sand, making it a festival.
This looks like the head of Jesus
on the Statue in Rio de Janeiro
that’s so famous.
But I can’t see his arms.
Christ the Redeemer: The Mystery
Where are the arms?
It’s so big you have the stand back.
No, even further!
The arms can only be seen here.
The illusion coming together perfectly
at this spot.
Ingenious … and stunning.
I asked Chaen-san a little bit more about the Tottori Sand Dunes.
One reason for this popularity is the key word,
Ecology. It’s a big key word.
Now sand sculptures are created indoors,
but back then
it was built on the beach.
When the waves went out, we made it,
and the waves came back in
and it all returned to the sea.
That is the basic concept
so we always have that in mind.
So it’s not a permanent exhibition.
We have to return it to nature once a year.
If we forget that basic concept,
this culture will be destroyed.
That’s how I feel.
We have to keep that feeling
close to our hearts
to keep this work alive
we can’t forget that nature exists.
That’s probably the most important thing.
Chaen-san is originally from Kagoshima
but the uniqueness of the Tottori Sand Dunes
attarcted him to live here
to start this museum.
Nowhere else can this exhibit be recreated.
I was able to invite many people
from around the world and
I could create this situation here.
The Tottori Sand Dunes and this museum
is one of the highlights of my life.
A very big stage in my life.
The sand dunes were created 100,000 years ago
from sand blowing off the sea, accumulating in this spot.
It’s been shrinking because barriers to prevent
tsunamis have disrupted the currents and sand flow
vegetation creeping in.
The city is trying to reverse it now because …
it’s spectacular.
Unique and a reason to travel to Tottori.
Just to see a little Sahara in Japan.
With loads to do and see,
it’s an awesome escape to a natural and beautiful area
of Japan.
Devoid of all vending machines.
Next time: the ONLY in JAPAN Question & Answer episode!
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鳥取砂丘(Japan's Crazy Desert Revealed: Tottori Sand Dune Adventure ★ ONLY in JAPAN)

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