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  • Regardless of how the Supreme Court decisions came down,

  • people were going to come here to

  • protest or to celebrate.

  • So, this is a really good example of grassroots change,

  • reacting to whatever is going to happen next,

  • but doing so ahead of the curve.

  • It's a big relief for our relationship,

  • given that it's not as comfortable in a lot of ways to live in India,

  • especially as an openly gay couple.

  • It was a wonderful thing that the gay movement

  • started in 1969 and so many other wonderful happenings

  • so we're really very, very happy with this.

  • Melissa called him today after school,

  • it was his last day at school, and said,

  • 'Guess what? It's legal for everyone

  • who wants to get married, to get married if they want to.'

  • And he said, he was like, 'woooo!'

  • He was really excited.

  • He was like, 'That's really good news!'

  • It allows us to make the decision,

  • as any other couple would, if we'd prefer to live in one place

  • if one place has better job opportunities or something, rather than,

  • we can't stay here because Sylvie can't get a visa.

  • I really worry that the moment this is done

  • we're going to forget about all the other issues

  • like workplace, homeless youth, and transgender rights

  • and all that stuffthere's a lot left to do.

  • In the past, the higher income partner has not been able

  • to give their social security survivorship or their benefits

  • to their partner because they haven't been federally recognized.

  • This can lift elderly LGBT people out of poverty.

  • Visiting from the UK, to be here on such an iconic day in the US,

  • it's just so inspirational.

  • It kind of gives me a sense of what will happen

  • in a month or so in London,

  • when we all come out in the streets

  • and celebrate everyone being equal before the law.

  • So, my partner and I actually came to New York City

  • and got married in the city clerk's office on Monday.

  • So, it means a bloody lot to me at the moment!

  • The decisions today, they carry a lot of weight

  • and mean a lot to a lof of people, it's just,

  • it's life-changing.

Regardless of how the Supreme Court decisions came down,


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