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  • Hi my name is Andres Giraldo I'm

  • the CEO and founder of Food Truck Start

  • My company's mission is to provide the best

  • tools and services to vendors and

  • underrepresented Mobile Food Vendor Machine

  • for one second I want you to imagine

  • that you have one out of the 30,000

  • mobile food vendor in the United States

  • and that thirty five percent of your

  • revenue is heavily dependent on catering

  • jobs that you need to find and manage completely

  • Oh! And by the way when

  • you're vending on the street sixty one

  • percent of your customers just found you

  • by chance and don't forget by the way

  • that you also have to manage your day to day

  • business operation this is all very

  • hectic I know but luckily my company

  • Food Truck Start is here to help we actually

  • enable these vendors the ability to

  • manage to brand, their menus,

  • their scheduled to social media and much more

  • to the FGS dashboard so instead of

  • worrying about a technical and

  • logistical stuff they can focus on the Food

  • which is more important

  • We launched our beta may 2015 with 95 Trucks

  • nationwide and I looking to expand

  • aggressively within next six months so if

  • you think you can help in any way or

  • just looking to find the food trucks

  • in your area please go to

  • and reach out to us we'd be more than

  • happy to talk to you thank you

Hi my name is Andres Giraldo I'm


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フードトラックのスターツ。お住まいの地域でお気に入りのフードトラックを探す (Food Truck Starts: Find your favorite food trucks in your area)

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