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  • From the FT in London, here's the latest on markets.

  • Investors continue to chew over the US jobs report released on Friday.

  • The headline number appeared grim,

  • with the economy adding around half the number of jobs that had been expected.

  • But unemployment continues to sink.

  • Add in the fact that a steady stream of rate rises from the US is already baked into markets.

  • so there's little scope for market moves in response to the data.

  • The dollar index is firm but steady,

  • with sterling, for example, stuck at around $1.24

  • Moving on, broadly,

  • the wave of geopolitical nerves that fired up havens like bonds and gold last week is coming down.

  • The yen, for example, has pulled back.

  • But Korean markets have been jolted,

  • with stocks falling the most in the month after the US deployed an aircraft carrier group to the region's waters after the North Korea's recent missile test.

  • In Europe, fresh figures for February suggest Japanese investors remain concerned about the French election,

  • shedding the debt again, this time at a record pace.

  • Meanwhile, the Czech koruna continues to creep higher

  • after the upper limit on the currency was scrapped late last week.

  • But "creeping" is the word. This looks like a smooth Czexit strategy.

From the FT in London, here's the latest on markets.


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投資家は米雇用統計を噛み締め、ドルインデックスは堅調|マーケット・ミニット (Investors chew over US jobs report, dollar index steady | Market Minute)

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