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Let's explore Paris.
We are in Paris! Wooooo~
This was our second time in Paris,
so rather than joining a walking tour,
we decided to explore the city on our own.
We're at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
It's pretty early in the morning, what time is it right now?
About 11 o'clock right now?
A: Yeh it's only 11.
About 11 o'clock and there's already a huge line.
And everyone's waiting to see the inside of this cathedral.
We're just on the other side of the Notre Dame now.
Look how beautiful it is on this side.
You can really see all the gothic detail.
Paris has so much history, architecture, art and amazing food
that it takes a considerable amount of time to fully see everything.
Because it was our second time in Paris,
we knew exactly what we wanted to see again
and all the new things we wanted to explore.
We've been walking for a while and look where we're at!
If it is your first time in Paris,
we definitely recommend a visit to the Louvre.
Make sure to book your tickets online so you don't need to line up.
And of course,
no trip to Paris is complete,
without a visit to the Eiffel tower.
We recommend getting off the station
at Trocadero
to get an amazing viewpoint
like this.
We're currently
the Eiffel tower.
If you like shopping,
especially brand names,
then you definitely need to go for a stroll
down the famous Champs Elysees.
We've just spotted Laduree across the road
We're just waiting for the light, let's go!
Here we are!
We had fond memories from our first visit to Paris
when we visited Laduree.
This time around, we insisted on visiting again.
Look how pretty their macarons are.
We're at a restaurant called "Hippopotamus"
We are going to the Louvre today!
J: Got my HD vision on.
W: Cos this one's blind
so she needs glasses
or else she can't even see what she's looking at.
So we're on the bus at the moment to get to the Louvre.
Hopefully we get there at 9 o'clock
cos we booked tickets already
and um...we really don't want to line up.
We're at the Louvre!!!
A: I can't catch up!
As mentioned earlier,
if you plan on visiting the Louvre,
it is recommended that you book tickets online
so you don't have to line up for as long.
So over here we have the Mona Lisa which everyone is crowding around...
They say...
that if you spend one minute looking at every single object in the Louvre
for 8 hours a day
it would take you roughly 75 days
to see everything.
The Louvre is one of the most visited art museums in the world
boasting over 9 miliion visitors a year.
If you want to avoid the crowds
we definitely recommend
you try to visit in the early mornings.
We visited when the museum just opened
and as you can see it's not as crowded.
Can you see this guy?
He's tiny compare to this.
Sorry guys, we have left you down.
We were suppose to be eating French food,
and Italian food
and European food... A: Well, we have eaten it. It's not like we've just eaten this.
A: We had a full week of Asian food... W: We had a full week of Asian food! just so we wouldn't feel like it.
But, we couldn't help it!
and this probably isn't that great either
but we couldn't help it!
A: At least it's served fresh.
Is it "Orang-i-na"?
or "Oran-gee-na"?
We are currently at Paris Gare Du Nord Station
waiting for our train to Antwerp.
J: Look what I discovered!
I hadn't mentioned earlier,
but the main purpose of our Europe trip this time
was to visit Antwerp
for the Tomorrowland festival.
here we come!
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
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TRAVEL VLOG #9: パリ3日間 Part2/2 - パリの楽しみ方

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