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Hey wassup yo, this is your boy Diddy.
I'm Dawn. And we are, the dirty money crew.
Two thirds of the dirty money crew..
Killing the shoot here cuz we're on the set of our music video, "Coming Home," which you
know will be in stores, that whole album will be in stores, 12/14/10, 12/14, December 14th,
excuse my stuttering, I'm a little exhausted from shooting all these videos.
But um, I want to make sure I take the time out to tell you guys, please please please
subscribe to our youtube channel, ok? TrainTV,
This is going to keep you updated on, like, all of the emails, videos, you can get uploads,
all of that,
and we are always uploading behind-the-scenes footage, you know, glimpses of our life, cuz
you know you wanna see what Dirty Money's all about.
and every time I do a Diddy blog and all that.
but you have to subscribe to TrainTv for all information about "Last Train to Paris", in
stores December 14th.
We're gonna go and support Kalenna, she's singing, doing her thing, you know,
we're coming home baby. I'm back.
Subscribe here, Now!
Go, go! Train TV. Peace. Dirty Money.


"COMING HOME" ミュージックビデオ作成裏側(Diddy + Dawn On Set Of The "COMING HOME" Music Video) (歌詞/lyrics)

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