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  • My parents own a restaurant in Chicago, they own a very small restaurant,

  • and that's how I got started, that's how I got this in my blood.

  • We'd like to consider ourselves pretty progressive when it comes to delivering and carryout, right?

  • So we're looking for ways to extend our dining room into people's living rooms and into their homes.

  • We've always been early adopters.

  • I take Ubers everywhere. I certainly use UberEATS.

  • So when we knew that UberEATS was being developed in this market we were excited to join right away.

  • The biggest surprise about working with UberEATS is the amount of volume that we've been able to generate right away.

  • I mean, the first day that UberEATS went live, the tablet was ringing and buzzing,

  • it's just going all day.

  • It provides a valuable marketing opportunity to a lot of guests that might go on the platform

  • and might not be sure what they want to eat that day

  • and are just kind of scrolling through the page to see what catches their eye and what looks good.

  • It's very obvious that the team at Uber cares just as much about how food is arriving to the guests as we do.

  • They provide you with a lot of feedback and a lot of autonomy to make change.

  • I think from a guest perspective and from an operations perspective the best feature about UberEATS is the live geo-tracking.

  • Being able to see where your driver and where your food is at any given moment,

  • I think is like no other platform I think out there right now.

  • For a lot of restauranteurs that might have second thoughts about joining on,

  • my advice to them would just be, you know, you're not going to sign on with UberEATS and get two orders a day,

  • you're probably going to get 20 or more,

  • so be ready for that scale and be ready for that grow.

My parents own a restaurant in Chicago, they own a very small restaurant,


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