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- Funny you should mention Zack, Ned.
(laughing) - Ohhhh!
- You'd probably have great sex with his wife.
(all laughing)
- Yeah!
(elated music)
- So the Try Guys have a new show called Squad Wars,
where celebrity squads face off against each other.
- We just kind of assume that we're a good squad,
we never actually proved it.
- So we're gonna take a genetic compatibility test--
- To see if we actually truly are the ultimate squad.
I can say with confidence that we are not.
I don't need to spit in a vial to find that out.
(upbeat music) - We look at
your genetic composition,
and how it affects your neurochemistry.
And then we can actually predict
who's gonna be a good love relationship,
who's gonna be a good bromance,
because we look at your genes.
- Are we gonna find out if Zack and I are close friends,
or if maybe Eugene and I should have sex?
What do we find out here?
- Yeah, I could tell you those things.
(all laughing) - Wow!
- We had geneticists look under a microscope
so we could figure out your brain chemistry.
We look at genes like oxytocin, dopamine,
and we give a psychological profile test as well,
because relationships aren't just
about your pure, neurochemistry.
You're born a certain way biologically,
but then you're raised a certain way,
that also shapes your personality.
So Instant Chemistry needs two things from you.
First, we need you to take a
very detailed psychological test.
- Alright, time to take a test
to find out who's actually my friend.
- So these are questions of if you're in a relationship.
- I'm gonna answer them, thinking about my wife,
which would just be great.
- You are sitting together with
your partner watching a movie on TV.
You enjoy reaching out and touching,
whoa really getting into this quick.
- Obviously, almost certain, yes!
- Zack's one fellow that loves to cuddle.
- Absolutely, we're hanging out, touching.
- You get sweaty, you get tangled,
your arm falls asleep, I'll say possibly.
- You and your partner have taken a long weekend
together at a nearby resort.
- Guess we're rich now.
- You promptly step up and speak to the management
in an effort to upgrade.
- I would love for somebody else to handle confrontation.
- Yeah, but it's a resort, you pay money.
Almost certainly, yeah. - You're not doing it right,
if you're not getting free stuff.
- Possibly. - I'm done!
(trumpet blaring) - View the results of my
psychological profile.
- One of the things we looked at is
who is more of an alpha male,
and who is more of a submissive?
Two alpha males don't do well together.
They're competing with each other so much,
and they don't get stuff done.
If I had to ask the four of you
to pick just one person who you think
would be your best friend,
if you were stuck on a desert island for a weekend,
who would it be with?
- Ned won't cooperate with me,
but together we will get the most stuff done.
Keith would get along the nicest.
- Okay, interesting, and who would you choose?
- Yeah, I would also choose Keith.
Zack would find, like, issues,
I would get so (laughing) frustrated.
- So what I'm going to reveal to you,
(all laughing) Eugene and Ned come out
the highest alpha males.
(air whooshing)
And Keith and Zack come out as submissive.
(air whooshing)
Generally, submissive males get along
with alphas very very well.
Eugene, even though you said,
that if you were stuck on a desert island,
it was Ned that you'd want to be with,
the truth is you guys wouldn't survive
cause you'd get nothing done.
Another part of the psychology test is intimacy.
You need to be open, honest, and vulnerable, right?
So, what I found is, three of you
are really predisposed to be able
to have intimacy very easily,
(all laughing) emotional intimacy.
- [Zack] I wonder who that fourth person is.
- (laughing) Who do you think that fourth
could be, who's a little more reserved?
Ah, what I learned about your psychological profile
is you actually really crave closeness,
and you desire intimacy,
but you're really reserved and afraid to open up.
- No, no, nooo. (laughing)
- Eugene, I never knew.
(all talking at once)
- You just want us to love you.
- Three of you are also, really completely social animals.
You love social activity, you love social interactions.
You're open, you're out there,
you wanna engage with other people.
One of you is a little like that,
but really really values time alone.
- I like one day where I don't have to talk to people.
- I hate being alone.
- I also don't like being alone.
- It actually came out Eugene, (air whooshing)
so, social to a point, but really value
your alone time, it really matters.
- Zack, maybe you're just alone on Sundays by default.
(all laughing)
The other thing we look at when we look
at you psychologically, is we look at
your ability to be social,
and care about each other's feelings as you're doing stuff.
And, again, three of you highly value cooperation
and social harmony but,
one of you,
kinda forceful and aggressive, (all laughing)
desires not to please other people,
but prefers to lead, (all laughing)
and not afraid of confrontation.
(all laughing) - It's the same guy.
- You're wrong. - Oh really?
- It's Ned. (cheering and laughing)
- You said "I think I'd prefer him
on the desert island,
except he'd frustrate me too much", right?
- Oh. - So you're not caring
too much-- - Yeah it's your problem.
- About people's feelings,
cause you're so frustrated,
and you just wanna lead and go forward.
- Oh no. - Whereas the others
are more concerned with social harmony.
So even if their idea is not the best way--
- Oh yeah, oh yeah! - They might take it.
- If it's not the best idea, why are we doing it?
- Exactly.
- You have a new color of red in your face.
(laughing) - We are just having
the best of times, what's next?
- Let's start to look at your neurochemistry
from a biological level.
We need you to spit into a test tube.
- We're going to spit in a tube.
- For science.
- This is a lot of instructions for spitting in a tube.
- For collection of human DNA.
Is this going to the government?
- As a scientist, shit.
(throat clearing) Please look away.
- Okay, so I'm gonna spit, until it gets to this line.
- I missed with my liquid.
Seems to be a recurring theme for me.
- Did I give too much?
- Oof, now that's way too much.
- [Cameraman] Keith, no!
- I was just gonna take a little of it back.
- Apparently I have a very wet mouth.
- Put this in until it clicks real loud.
(lid clicking)
(lid clicking) - We're in.
- It just added the science liquid to my spit.
It's blue now.
- I wonder what this is?
- And now I shake it for five seconds.
- Shake the spit. - [Zack] Three.
- Shake the spit. - [Zack] Four, five.
Smells like science.
- Now we're gonna send it off to a lab,
and see who we're the most compatible with.
- First gene we look at is oxytocin,
the bonding hormone.
We're looking at who's a thinker,
and who's a listener.
What listeners are really good at, is interpreting emotions.
Whereas the thinkers are better at decisive action.
- Just charge into the breach, don't give a fuck.
- And we found out that two of you are thinkers,
and two of you are listeners.
Ned, and Keith, the thinkers. (air whooshing)
Eugene and Zack, the listeners.
(air whooshing)
- Makes sense. - And Eugene and Zack
probably think that these guys aren't listening to you.
- We think we're good listeners, but we're actually not?
- No, you are actually listening to them.
- No, we are listening, it's just we've heard
your argument for the last hour and we're tired of it.
- Exactly! - Lot of emotions,
I'm very conflicted.
I just wanna find love here.
- So, the next gene we wanna look at,
is the dopamine receptor D4,
and it has to do with motivation, attention,
learning, and I found something really interesting
in your guys's genetic profile here.
The 7R+ gene only makes up less than 30% of the population.
Highly represented in CEOs and high-ranking executives.
Uh, Ned, Keith and Zack,
all have the Explorer 7R+ dopamine gene.
- We're rare? - [Dr. Wendy] You're rare!
- We're the minority? (all laughing)
- That's not cause we're white,
straight males, though, right?
- No, we didn't look at the genes surrounding race.
- We're a minority! - Crazy.
- White, straight men being CEOs, crazy.
- I think you're a good balance to all of them
because it makes you very judicious,
and very prudent, and more careful.
These guys are gonna more likely charge forward,
and you're gonna go "whoa whoa whoa,
we'll get killed doing that".
- [Keith] You are always the person right before we shoot
to be like "is this the best way we could do this?"
- Because you're surrounded by another alpha male,
actually Ned, that's making you a little more dominant
than you normally would,
or that's normally more comfortable to you.
You know, because genetically, that's not how you're wired.
- Grew up with two alpha sisters,
and I was always the judicious one.
- Sometimes, you run with the dogs you might get bit.
(cheering) (laughing)
- We also looked at another kind of dopamine gene.
We look at the warrior, the fighter right?
Versus the worrier.
So the warrior tends to be highly highly creative,
but really lousy at multitasking.
The worrier, a hard time dealing with anxiety,
and gets more pleasure out of life.
So where do you think you guys land?
- Gosh, I think I'm really creative,
and I worry all the time.
- Generally, when I work on a project,
nothing else matters.
- Warrior sounds cooler,
so certainly we all wanna be that one.
- Worriers have more enjoyment in life.
- [Eugene] Are we evenly divided, two and two?
- [Zack] It's two and two? - You all have the same.
(gasps) - Are we all fighters?
- I think we're all fighters.
- You're all warriors. - [All] Yeah!
- [Dr. Wendy] You guys are all lousy, lousy multitaskers.
- That's why we have four Try Guys.
(laughing) - The next gene,
is my absolute favorite.
This test can actually predict hot passionate sex
that will last a really long time.
So, listen to this, back in our anthropological past,
when you were out mating in the environment,
you wanted to find somebody who had
a very different immune system than you,
because, when two people mate,
they might take brown eyes from one,
long legs from another,
poorer eyesight from one, et cetera.
(laughing) Except immune systems.
They actually combine, and make a stronger human being.
There's been some research in same-sex
platonic friendships that show
that you want immune systems to be similar.
So you smell like each other's brothers!
- Yeah, that'd be distracting
if I'm always trying to fuck Zack.
- [Dr. Wendy] Yeah it would be.
- Yes, it would be, Ned.
- Um, funny you should mention Zack, Ned.
(gasps) - Ohhh!
(laughing) You have an 80% similarity
in your immune systems. (air whooshing)
- [Ned] Ohh, so we're brothers!
- So your wife would probably be super attracted to me.
(record scratching) - [Dr. Wendy] Exactly!
(laughing) At least for sex, yes.
You'd probably have great sex with his wife.
- [Zack] Yeah!
- [Dr. Wendy] So if it's about hot sex,
I wanna choose the most disparate
or different immune systems,
and that would be Eugene and Keith.
(air whooshing) - So we would fuck
each other like hard?
There is a lot of sexual tension here.
He denies it, that's only the more proof.
- Looking at all of the genes,
looking at your psychological test,
I can tell you who the most compatible are,
and who the absolute least compatible are.
Least compatible are, not surprisingly,
sitting the furthest away from each other, Ned and Eugene.
(air whooshing) - [Together] No!
- Is it cause we're both too dominant?
- Yes, and your relationship could actually
benefit from the two of you softening
your need for dominance. - [All] Aww.
- Sometimes, like-- - Shut the fuck up.
(laughing) - There are two people here,
who are most compatible.
- [Keith] I think I'm the most compatible with Zack.
- [Zack] Keith and I are actually in love.
- [Eugene] Keith and I are most compatible
when it comes to sociability.
- [Ned] Zack's kinda my boy though.
- [Zack] What a good guy Ned is.
- [Eugene] Zack and I have already given up on humanity.
- [Keith] I'd fuck the hell outta Ned.
- The most compatible couple here,
could have a long, long, healthy, happy relationship.
And we can predict, with more than 80% reliability,
that you'll be friends for years and years and years.
Ned and Zack. - [Ned] Ohh!
Me and Zack, ohh Zack!
- The degree of compatibility we see psychologically
we only see, usually, in really long-term married couples.
- We could be married! (laughing)
- No!
I'm Ned's wife now.
- I guess I'm right, I am the dead body on the island.
- You're the one that keeps us together.
- You don't have an extreme to make it a match
with anybody, you just get along with everybody.
- (whispering) They all think I'm their best friend.
- Biology is not destiny, neither is psychology.
It is the interaction of both,
and remember, our biggest environment
that affects our biology, are our close relationships.
- So you're saying, even though the genetics
tell us we should be compatible with one person,
we can choose to all be friends anyway.
- Don't try and force me out of that solution.
(all laughing) (elated music)
- Hey, thanks for watching this video.
If you like this and are hungry for more,
check out Squad Wars, you can get it for 30 days for free!
This week, Ned and I join up with two squads
to become professional wrestlers.
And, we almost die.
- All I learned today is that Zack
secretly wants Ned's wife.
- What is going on here? (laughing)
- That wasn't the takeaway from me.


The Try Guys Take A Friendship DNA Test

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