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  • Wow I really, really didn't expect to see you here.

  • Big surprise!

  • Hello Jean. I heard you're still obsessed with brains.

  • You could say that. I'm a cognitive scientist,

  • which is a fancy way of saying I research how human beings learn.

  • Wow, that's what I do.

  • What?!

  • Well, kind of. i'm a... i'm a teacher.

  • You?! A teacher?!

  • No offense, but didn't you drop out?

  • Yeah, best thing I ever did.

  • Ok... explain yourself

  • Come on... you remember school: boring as hell.

  • I dropped out because I didn't want to waste my time on stuff that meant nothing to me.

  • I had bigger fish to fry. Me? I was gonna get out there and be free,

  • do what I wanted to do.

  • Which was?

  • Oh... you know... stuff.

  • I see... and how long did you do... stuff?

  • Oh, god, I'd have done it forever.

  • I probably still be sat on my back side right now if I hadn't been for my grandad.

  • Your grandad...

  • Yeah, one day i'm just sitting around doing stuff...

  • ...and all of a sudden there is...

  • ...just standing outside the house with the beat up old Harley, and he says:

  • "Fix the chopped and get it working by your 16th birthday and i'll give it to you and pay your insurance...

  • ...and all i'm giving you to do it is this manual".

  • Wow... so what did you do?

  • What you think I did? I got to work.

  • I read the manual, got my dad's tools out,

  • I've got the local mechanic to teach me stuff,

  • I went to the library, got books out on engines,

  • and finally understood some of what the cardigans our school were going on about.

  • And I wrote friends in to help with promises of free rides when it was done.

  • You see, I love that! It's what we scientists called being in the flow.

  • All the research shows we just don't learn something unless we are emotionally engage with it .

  • Here you are: a 15 years old getting a real challenge,

  • and you're rising to it because it's something that matters to you.

  • All I cared about was getting that bike running by my 16th birthday.

  • Hahaha, did you make it?

  • Huh! That's one birthday i'll never forget.

  • That day I was Easy Rider.

  • But more than that, in giving me the bike my grandad rekindled my passion for learning.

  • My 16th birthday is the day I became truly free.

  • That is wonderful, so what did you do next?

  • Oh, I go back to school, go to college, get qualified and now I'm a teacher.

  • wait... i just don't get it.

  • Why become a teacher when you hate school so much?

  • Because I hated school so much.

  • You see, the classes I teach aren't like the classes we had in school.

  • Oh... why not?

  • In my classes the kids learn in a way that's meaningful for them.

  • You know Confucius got the measure of this two and a half thousand years ago.

  • He said: "Tell me and I forget,

  • show me and I remember,

  • let me do and I understand".

  • Huh, that's exactly it.

  • So Confucius knew about it all that time ago and you scientists have known about it for... how long?

  • Ah, 25 years.

  • Right... so if that's the case why most kids still being taught in a way that's so boring for them?

  • Now that's a question I'd love to know the answer to.

  • So maybe we just have to, you know, keep trying to spread the word.

  • Yeah, I wish somebody just record our conversation...

  • we could put it on the internet or something.

  • Now wouldn't have be something.

Wow I really, really didn't expect to see you here.


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