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  • The night was dark.

  • Jesusdisciples were alone in the middle of a churning sea.

  • A strong wind was blowing.

  • Waves were tossing their boat.

  • For all their arduous rowing, they’d made little progress toward their destination.

  • Suddenly, in the midst of the darkness, wind, and waves,

  • they saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming near the boat.

  • They were afraid until Jesus spoke to them

  • It is I. Do not be afraid.”

  • Upon hearing these words, the discipleswere willing to take Him into their boat;

  • and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.”

  • This account from the Bible depicts the condition of human life.

  • Most of us would agree that problems often surround us;

  • problems with work, school, relationships, money, health.

  • Our troubles are like the churning of the sea.

  • Sometimes we feel life is nothing but a struggle.

  • We put on a brave front to the world, but inside were aching, worn out, and discouraged.

  • But the good news to the disciples that night is good news for us today.

  • Jesus still speaks these words: “It is I. Do not be afraid.”

  • Jesus Christ wants to come into your life, calm your fears, and bring you safely on your journey.

  • He is the One who gives peace.

  • You simply need to take Him into yourboat,” into your life.

  • As you struggle to row against the churning sea of troubles in your life,

  • Jesus is here waiting for you invite Him in.

  • You can receive Him right now by opening your heart and praying this little prayer:

  • Lord Jesus, I need You!

  • Thank You for coming as the Savior to this troubled world.

  • Thank You for dying for me.

  • Forgive me of all my sins.

  • Lord Jesus, I believe into You. I receive You right now.

  • Fill me with peace and be with me on my life’s journey.

  • Thank You, Lord Jesus.

  • Amen.”

The night was dark.


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イエスはあなたのボートの中にいますか? (Is Jesus in Your Boat?)

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