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  • Hey guys, it's Dear Diary Entry 20.

  • So I wanted to do something special.

  • It's not a huge number, but today is a special day.

  • It's Racial Harmony Day in Singapore.

  • So I thought I'd do a simple accents video.

  • I had this elaborate thing to get all my friends joined in,

  • but unfortunately, a lot of them are in camp,

  • so this is what I kind of assembled together,

  • and along with my own embarrassing improvs.

  • This might be my most embarrassing video yet.

  • Quick disclaimer before the video starts, I hope none of this comes out racist,

  • This is all in pure fun. Just really wanted to show you guys how many accents and how diverse Singapore's culture actually is.

  • And also, the interesting part about how many types of Singlish there actually is as well. Enjoy.

  • Chris. Say something to the kids who always go play Lend after school.

  • Yeah those who get super high mass so they keep doing it.

  • I don't know how they do it. Cheating.

  • But then there are those who are not scoring low. And you should go study.

  • Go study.

  • Julien. Tell me what we did today.

  • Okay today, like, we went up for porpilming, then I was speech like a bird.

  • I did them too.

  • Hi Bowzi.

  • What is this, vlogging?

  • Don't waste time. Go eat, go jom.

  • How ya doin'?

  • Yeah cheers.

  • For the rest of them, I'll try to attempt them myself.

  • Here goes nothing.

  • You also another one. Don't say I took so much.

  • Not daddy. Ask you to come and eat.

  • Ask you go to the write the way.

  • You're not very nicely brother.

  • Don't I let you assist you this one.

  • 欸我跟你講,你真的需要好好 study.

  • 如果你不好好 study, 你的 exams 就會 fail.

  • 連像我一樣,坐在那個 camera 前面

  • 能講話,人家都不懂 what you are saying.

  • 然後 take video,後面那個房間也是那麼亂

  • Kiddo, have you eaten yet? What time are you coming home?

  • Ma, I'm busy with something right now.

  • Are you done? There's not much time left!

  • I'll hurry up, I'll hurry up.

  • And of course, lastly,

  • There's the Angmoh.

  • I guess I don't even really count, cause I'm half.

  • But heck it.

  • To be honest, I didn't even cover that many languages or accents.

  • Cause there's so many other. And that's the thing about Singapore.

  • This place is so diverse, which makes it amazing.

  • Happy Racial Harmony Day guys.

  • I'll be continue living closely and peacefully.

  • Shout out to my bros and nanas, I'm sure we can do another video along the way.

  • Keep on persevering, tell me if you want a part 2 for this, cause there's so many other accents.

  • Yeah. That's it! I'll see you guys next time. Tschüss!

  • You know what? No, we're gonna hug it out.

  • We're gonna hug it out. Here we go.

Hey guys, it's Dear Diary Entry 20.


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