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  • Hello?

  • Hello Auntie?

  • This is Vernon again.

  • I need to do another party. Can I order food from you guys?

  • Er... Yeah. Can can. What you want?

  • What's the menu this weekend?

  • Uhh... This week?

  • Fried rice and beef fried rice.

  • I like fried rice.

  • You want chicken curry?

  • Yeah, yeah. Chicken curry is good.

  • Also, the Nasi lemak.

  • All you want?

  • Yeah, yeah. It's gonna be a big party.

  • What kind of drinks can you give us Auntie?

  • Drinks? We have the fruit juice. We have also bandung. We also have soft drinks like coke.

  • Sorry, what drink is that?

  • Coke.

  • Medium coke also got, big coke also got.

  • Which one you want?

  • Also can 3 coke for price of 1. I give you.

  • You order enough. I give you like that.

  • Wow. What a great. Okay I'll take that.

  • Which one? Small one?

  • No, actually I got a lot of people.

  • You give me. You get the medium. 30 cents more I give you big coke.

  • 30 cents more for the big one?

  • Okay. Yeah, I think I need the big one.

  • You need the big one?

  • But Auntie, is yours the real thing? Nice to drink or not?

  • Or course. No need to worry.

  • When can you deliver the drink?

  • You tell me the food how many, then the coke also how many I give you.

  • Okay thanks Auntie. I confirm again later I call you again.

  • Okay. Okay. Thank you.



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