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  • We all start life as one single cell.

  • Then that cell divides and we are two cells,

  • then four,

  • then eight.

  • Cells form tissues,

  • tissues form organs,

  • organs form us.

  • "So, how did you guys decide, like,

  • what style to use when animating this video?"

  • "I, originally, when I was reading the script,

  • I was thinking a lot about food."

  • "Were you hungry?"

  • "I was hungry probably because I always am.

  • But, yeah, I was thinking about healthy food

  • and thinking of how can I use material,

  • how could I actually materialize that cell,

  • the cancer cell and the healthy cell.

  • So, I decided to use grain and seeds for healthy cells

  • and, then, for the cancer cells, actually,

  • we decided to use candy.

  • We did a little short animation before this

  • when we were using different color jelly beans

  • to animate bacteria,

  • so I thought, 'Oh, well, we can use that.'

  • But, then, the jelly beans were actually, like,

  • a little too big to construct this cell.

  • And, so, I decided to go with something smaller,

  • and we found Nerds.

  • Lisa can actually tell you a little more about

  • how she designed each cell."

  • "Yeah, when we were, we had a whole collection

  • of seeds and candy Nerds in front of us.

  • So, we actually ended up using

  • buckwheat and lentils for the healthy cells.

  • And then for the candy Nerds,

  • they were really a perfect size.

  • We got to play with the colors

  • and switch them around to make those cells

  • look a little more alive like they were constantly changing.

  • So, it really had a more erratic look

  • than the seeds, which were natural colors,

  • but that would also stay consistent throughout."

  • "Are these actually?"

  • "Those are the actual things.

  • So, those, as you see, probably, like, come in

  • pink, orange, yellow, green, all these colors.

  • So, I wanted to create the image of a cancer cell

  • as something that is bad.

  • So, we actually shot these things as they are

  • and then changed the hue in the computer

  • so they appear more neon blue and toxic in a way."

  • "And it wasn't just food, right?

  • There were also other materials that you guys used?"

  • "Right."

  • "There was, so there was a part in the video

  • that talked about tissue and organs

  • and I stayed within that same idea

  • and thought like, 'Which natural material I can use

  • to construct these objects?'

  • And then I think for the tissue,

  • we used something that was like a lacy pattern,

  • and then for the rest of it,

  • it was mostly knitted yarn

  • or crocheted yarn.

  • So, those were the materials.

  • So, we will see in the human body,

  • because we do not really have the skills or the time

  • to actually crochet these things,

  • our artist, Celeste, actually crocheted her organs

  • in Photoshop.

  • So, we would take these patterns from some stock

  • that we found online,

  • and she did step-by-step

  • and she actually, like, made it into the shape of an organ.

  • So, those were the materials we used."

We all start life as one single cell.


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