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What are we doing now Emma?
We are hiding books in the subway.
It has gone really well!
No one's like, actually, looked at us once, basically.
What book is it?
Maya Angelou, Mom & Me & Mom.
It's one of my favorite books of all time .
That's why we're in a New York city subway.
And we're leaving books behind, under the guides of what good deed ?
It's this amazing program with books on the underground.
It was started by this amazing British lady in England.
And the idea is to kind of like, make people love reading again, and to spread the love .
Like random acts of kindness I guess.
It sort of like, you feel this kinship with all the other people that you share the underground with.
And the other good news is like me, you always forget a book to read.
Then you can find something.
So if someone's on the New York city subway, and finds a copy of Maya Angelou's book.
Yeah. So read it, please.
And then bring it back and leave it for someone else to find and you passed on the good deed, passed on love.
So there's a new library happening under the streets of New York, and the streets of London.
Yes! That exactly- that's essentially what it is.
It becomes like a public library lending system.
Last one?
Last one.



エマ・ワトソンがニューヨーク地下鉄に本を隠す(Emma Watson Hides Books Around the New York City Subway | Vanity Fair)

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