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  • Here are some tips for a general Irish accent.

  • So the first thing we look at is that oral posture.

  • When I start to talk in my Irish accent,

  • there's a little bit of tension in the back of my tongue.

  • So it pulls it back just a little bit.

  • But the tongue tip is very relaxed

  • so you get those little whistling sounds for the t's and the d's.

  • So that might be your first sound change.

  • "I thought about it" and "I read about it" turns into your Irish accent "I thought about it" and "I read about it".

  • You hear that little whistling "thought about it", "read about it"?

  • The "o" diphthong in American English "o", "oo", it's two elements.

  • It's a very pure and single element in your Irish accent.

  • So it's "Oh, I don't know".

  • "I don't know" becomes "I don't know".

  • Or try the phrase "either ya come home or ya don't".

  • "Either ya come home or ya don't".

  • The "r" is retroflect, meaning that you're pulling your tongue back like this,

  • so it's not your general American ruh, ruh,

  • it's r, ruh, ruh.

  • "The western world" instead of "the western world",

  • you get "the western world".

  • Give that a shot.

  • The "th" sound is so awesome in Irish.

  • Because it's that very soft sound so instead of "thirty three",

  • you get a very soft /t/ sound in "tirty tree".

  • The schwa sound, that /ə/ American sound in Irish becomes a little more rounded,

  • so it's "ohp", "abohve", lohve"

  • instead of "up", "above", "love".

  • A little more rounded, "ohp", "abohve", lohve".

  • So what's the musicality of the Irish accent?

  • Well, I think you can hear it for yourself.

  • I know it sounds a little stereotypical but people really talk like this,

  • so don't take all my word for it, though.

  • Listen to some native speaker and hear that beautiful Irish lilt for yourself.

  • And get into the rhythm of it by doing some conscious mimicry.

Here are some tips for a general Irish accent.


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