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Hi guys!
I'm heading out now to go have some brunch with Jenny,
and then we're going to do some temple-hopping around Sydney.
Chinese New Year is just about a week away,
so I thought I'd show you how we celebrate Chinese New Year here in Sydney.
This is the Tramsheds at Harold Park,
which opened up in September last year.
The thing that I love about this place,
is that it combines my two favourite things:
the romance of travel
and lots of yummy food.
This site was originally the Rozelle tramway depot,
which has now been restored and transformed into what we see here.
There are so many options for food at Tramsheds,
but we decided to pick this little cafe out the front.
Here they serve their own specialty blend of coffee:
The Little Marionette,
alongside a changing seasonal menu.
Next door we have Messina,
which most Sydney-siders are already familiar with
for their amazing gelato flavours.
We got the special "Coming out of the Cabinet" flavour,
which consists of malted white chocolate,
with peanut cookies and milk chocolate peanut fudge.
This is a local Chinese temple in Glebe.
This is a really nice temple.
It's pretty quiet today because obviously everyone's at work and stuff...
So we get to have this place to ourselves, I guess.
So we're just leaving the temple now.
that is "Guan Dai Miu" (關帝廟).
If you come here on Chinese New Year's Eve,
it gets really packed out.
You'll barely be able to walk through,
everyone will have incense,
if you have kids, they'll probably get incense all over them,
you'll smell like incense,
but it's meant to be really good luck to come here.
We're just leaving the Wong Tai Sin Temple.
It's currently not open today,
I think they're only open when there's actually an event happening.
I managed to grab a few shots through the gate for you guys,
but New Year it will be open for sure
and it's a really nice temple that...
it's a small temple!
but a lot of Hong Kong people like to visit it.
If you've ever been to Hong Kong,
you would have heard of the Wong Tai Sin Temple there
which is one of the most popular temples.
Here we are at one of the largest Chinese Buddhist temples
in the Southern Hemisphere.
I grew up visiting this temple,
so everytime I come here
it brings back a lot of memories.
Here they give you some complimentary incense to burn,
but they do limit you to 3 incense per person.
It is customary to leave a donation at the temple.
So I'm just going to light an incense now.
Here I got three...
I usually try to offer one incense stick per shrine,
but when you don't know how many shrines there are,
three is always a good number.
This is a small local temple,
dedicated to Tien Hau -
the goddess of the sea.
If you want to learn more about the Buddhist temples of Sydney,
don't forget to visit my blog for more information.
This is my favourite temple to come on Chinese New Year's Eve
because it's actually really nice
they light lots of fireworks
and have lion dances
and firecrackers
and there's lots of people
and food
and it's just a really nice place to come.
This is a local Vietnamese temple.
What's special about this place,
is that it was the first
Buddhist nun temple in New South Wales.
Hi guys! So it's Chinese New Year's Eve today,
and we're just heading out to go have some family dinner
and then afterwards,
hopefully if the weather holds up,
we're hoping to go visit one of the local temples
and I'm hoping there will still be some lion dancing,
firecrackers and fireworks.
And so I'll show you guys soon.
So this is the knafeh flavour,
there's some pistachios on top
with some...I think they're crumbs...
and sugar syrup
Staff: I'll go underneath? A: YEH YEH Go!
A: Woah! W: Woah!
A: My legs! Thanks man!
This is from the "Gelato Lab"
and this is rosewater.
A: Hold on, let me focus...
A: Ok
A: How is it?
M: Odd yeh?
The rosewater's really strong
it tastes like Turkish Delight
yeh, rather than Knafeh
Knafeh has more of a custardy flavour
whereas this doesn't have any custard at all.
It's a little bit odd.
It's actually quite nice and refreshing though
and as you're eating it
the rosewater gets up and you can smell it through your nose
it's good!
Look how busy it is today!
This year,
we decided to get our fortunes told
using Chinese fortune sticks.
The aim is to ask the gods a question,
and shake the bucket
until a stick falls out.
And your question will be answered.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Here's to a healthy and prosperous new year
filled with lots of new adventures.
Happy New Year guys!
It's so good to have TWO New Years,
Today we're just heading out to the local temple,
to get some lunch.
This is something that we do every year.
Usually, we're really lucky
because Chinese New Year falls on a weekday
so there's actually less people.
But because this year it falls on a Saturday,
so we're expecting it's going to be really crowded
and there's going to be a lot of lines lining up for food
and everything
but it's just something that we do every year
and it's fun to get into the spirit, I guess.
So we're at the local temple
and this is Bun Bo Hue
which is normally a spicy beef
but then it's a Vegetarian version.
Cos' it's Chinese New Year.
So we got some tofu and...
...some fake meats.
I'm not too sure what they make it out of. I think it's mostly made out of tofu(?)
And there's bean sprouts,
and noodles.
So this is really tasty, they only make it for New Years
and I can't find it anywhere else.
A: And they got the same thing
W: Yeh my dad got the same thing. We ran into my parents here.
But my mum got the tomato one which we saw the huge pot of.
This local Vietnamese temple,
is the Sydney branch of Ho Chi Minh City's
biggest and most vibrant
Buddhist Institution.
This is our second temple
and it's also...this is a Vietnamese temple as well.
And here they have...
...Vegetarian pho.
So usually Pho is beef or chicken,
but then here we have the Vegetarian version.
I can already smell the broth, it smells the same as normal pho.
They got tofu and carrots
and mint and rice noodles.
And then we also got a...
So this one's a glutinous rice,
and then we got purple sticky rice.
Here we are at one of the biggest Vietnamese temples in Sydney.
This place is beautiful!
Second day of Chinese New Year today,
and we're heading to Wollongong
which is on the south coast of New South Wales.
Right? South?
and um...we're gonna visit the biggest temple
the biggest Buddhist temple that's in Wollongong.
it's so pretty!
Did I ever tell you,
the lotus is my favourite flower?
The Nan Tien temple in Wollongong,
is the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.
During the New Year period,
you'll find lots of Vegetarian food stalls
outside the dining hall.
Let's see what we got here...
This one's a vegetarian pancake,
radish cake,
taro cake
spring rolls.
It's really windy here...
A: OH! go get it!
A: Alright!
W: Fail number 2 A: What time do they close?
A: Yehhhhh!
I was so excited
by all the decorations
they had put up around the temple.
Look how pretty it is!
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
Find me on Instagram,
and don't forget to check out my blog.
If you want to help keep this channel going,
don't forget to check out my Patreon page as well.
See you in the next video.


How Many Sydney Buddhist Temples Have You Been To? - Chinese / Lunar New Year 2017 Vlog

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