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  • I think Ireland has to get something straight with the rest of the world,

  • or maybe just Hollywood.

  • You see we don't always sound like leprechauns on acid.

  • Thank you Tom Cruise, Gerry Butler, and Jesus have mercy on our soul, Julia Roberts.

  • (Shudders)

  • There's actually a big difference if you're either from the North, South, East, or West of Ireland.

  • Let's breakt it down and set this record correct.

  • Are you listening, Roberts?

  • Dublin is the capital

  • and the accent here was heavily influenced by the British occupation of Ireland for more than 800 years.

  • What's odd is that for such a relatively small city,

  • we have two very distinct accents.

  • Generally assigned to North and South side.

  • (Northern Dublin accent) On the North side you'll hear people talking like this.

  • Here the "d" replaces "th", so you get a lot of dis, dat, dese, and dose.

  • And if there's a "t" at the end of the word, bleedin' forgeh ih!

  • (Southern Dublin accent) Venture South and they'll speak absolutely like this.

  • The South Dublin accent is all about the o's and the oo's.

  • Elongate those vowels like yah yuh, like totally the opposite of the narrow sounds of the Northsider.

  • (Normal accent) Moving to the South (Cork accent) we come to the People's Republic of Cork, boy!

  • For some weird reasons everyone here speaks a few octaves higher than the rest of the country, boy!

  • It's a little bit forlorn and a little bit melodic.

  • And every now and again "boy" is thrown in for the craic.

  • Fair play to ya, boy!

  • (West Cork accent) Now move down a bit and you're into West Cork where it's a bit thicker and a bit faster.

  • Then there's Kerry and that's probably the jewel in the Irish accent crown.

  • Not sure if even Irish people understand this, unless they're from the Kingdom "itshelf".

  • (Kerry accent) Drops fast and furious.

  • "Sh" features in even when it's not there and you know like sure doesn't it "shound" better for it like y'know?

  • (Limerick accent) Limerick is more nasal and south from here, so you can tell you left the Kingdom far behind!

  • You might get called a gowl, if you're acting like a maggot with your langers.

  • (Northern Ireland accent) Now we're going way up North.

  • I tell you it's very different especially in Belfast.

  • Sure the Scottish plantation of Ulster that was so successful that it changed the way they speak forever.

  • "No" is pronounced "Nyh", "ay" means yes, and a wee cracker is a beautiful girasol.

  • So this is how we sound.

  • (Northern Dublin accent) Do you know what I mean, boy?

  • (Southern Dublin accent) And it's totes generalization like...

  • (Cork accent) But sure it is what it is, boy.

  • (Limerick accent) And it's only a broad guide from an Irish gowl like, but sure...

  • we're only having the craic.

I think Ireland has to get something straight with the rest of the world,


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