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영상 출처 : WongFu Productions (링크 참조) 본인은 자막 제작만 했을뿐, 상업적 의도는 없습니다
-sir?, sir?? - uh?
are u alright?
oh yeah, you guys just have really.. clean doors.. so
I'm just gonna go,, sit down.
Jean~ Hey Jean! I,, I'm inside.
but.. you can't hear me so I'm just gonna stop talking.
Are u okay?
That was so embarrassing. Do you think anyone saw that?
No, no one saw~
except maybe all those people laughing over there~
Here is some ice for your forehead.
- oh~ I'm Okay - oh~ I'm Okay
They are really clean doors!
I know! Right!?
Definitely, Not how I imagine our first time, officially meeting.
Well~ what was it supposed to be like?
I don't know~ little more..
charming and smoother than at least running into doors?
oh anyway, here's your bag.
oh yeah, here's yours.
what is that?
uh? you don't recognize him?
It's Edgar.
Well, It did put on a little bit weight since he has been with me, but I
try not to bring it up because~
it's a touchy subject~
I love it. He is even cuter now.
And now, no one will accidently take your bag again.
Thanks Daniel.
oh hold on~
no no~ it is okay
wow` it's three already~
You.. in a rush?
Hot date?
uh~ no~
Ugly date?
no date~ I just..
have some writing I have to get them..
oh` yeah me too. I gotta..
go to some works so..
alright well.. I guess I should..
You should!..
come with me.
I wanns show you something.
I might get the job out here.
You deserve it.
You are a great writer.
I read your note book so~
But I have to move to LA.
Have you ever thought about living out here?
I've tried it once.
That wasn't much for me here.
Everything I know is in New York.
I think I found the reason to give it another try.
so, sure you got everthing?
yeah~ are you sure that one's mine?
Well~ it was nice to meet you again.
will I be seeing you before I fly back?
yah~ I'd like that.
Hey, Jeremy
I know it's been a while since we last spoke but.. I guess I feel like I have to say, something..
I still think a while about how things were left off between us and... we should didn't happen in a way it did..
I am going to be LA a little while and I thought may be.. there be a chance to give us another try.
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Away We Happened Ep 4 - WongFu Productions X AT&T - Korean Sub by One1sh

441 タグ追加 保存
Nga Liberty 2017 年 3 月 11 日 に公開
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