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I have loved Beauty and the Beast since I was about... 4 years old.
The movie came out the year I was born,
in 1990.
And...I just fell in love with Belle.
She was this feisty young woman
who spoke her mind, had all of these ambitions, was incredibly independent,
and wants to see the world,
and was so smart.
And I loved how she had this relationship with Beast
which is toe to toe.
And...that to me to seems like such a dynamic and interesting kind of relationship
that I had never seen before in a fairytale.
I was just enamored with the whole thing.
I was just so in love.
It was so funny.
so romantic.
But in a way that...
I don't know, for me, it didn't feel...
contrived in the same way that I think, perhaps,
other fairytales having the sense that
they, Beast and Belle really dislike each other in the beginning.
And they
They really don't get on.
And then they form this friendship.
And then they fall in love.
And that was just something...
so beautiful about that to me.
And I just loved it ever since.
As a child, you love Disney, but as an adult you still love Disney.
Because it sort of connect you with that childlike feeling
that everything is gonna be okay.
and there's, there's hope in the world.
Um, it's just sort of,
for me, it gives me the sense of like
everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
So you get to be in either playing Belle and to get to actually live in the world.
It's just amazing.



実写版映画『美女と野獣』のベル役「エマ・ワトソン」のインタビュー (Beauty and the Beast - Emma Watson interview (2017))

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