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  • And it may be as for other university students sometimes that being in university

  • isn't actually what they need to do to prepare themelves

  • to have the job that they'll ultimately going to have

  • I have a video on here that I didn't show you of a woman with

  • Aspergers from the UK who went to univeristy struggled through university

  • Had a really tough experience. Got through, you know

  • managed and eventually to get through and realized afterwards that what she really

  • loves is driving. Right? And she has now become

  • the best, no kidding, the best

  • highest award driving instructor in the UK

  • Right? And she didn't have to go to university to do that but she's got

  • like awards of the yinyang for being the best driving instructor

  • and the really cool thing is she is now teaching other people of Aspergers

  • how to drive cars. Right? Which if you can imagine is a

  • really difficult task for a lot of these folks. I mean think of all the executive function

  • stuff that we talked about and all of the stuff you got to keep straight

  • Right? So I mean now when she talks about it she's

  • says I realize I didn't have to go to university at all

  • I should have just followed my passion from the beginning, I always knew that driving cars

  • was my favourite to do. Why did I let them talk me into

  • going to university. So it is important, again back to

  • it's not our job to make sure people get a degree

  • at UBC, it's our job, if you will, to make sure

  • people have really good lives and if half way through they realize

  • "Oh I don't need to be here, I can go do something else, I need to be at BCIT." Right?

  • "I need to go to technical school, I really want to be a plumber, I need to apprentice." That's ok

  • We haven't failed. We've helped people have really good lives.

  • That's the point.

And it may be as for other university students sometimes that being in university


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