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  • When DJI takes to the sky, we break new ground. It’s that simple.


  • Every time we innovate it becomes the standard. Often imitated, but never replicated.

    DJIが開発したものは業界のスタンダードになり 真似はされますが 完璧にコピーすることは出来ません

  • Our newest creation is all this and more.


  • The Phantom 4 is an easy to use flying camera powered by the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence technology.

    Phantom4は操作が簡単なフライングカメラで 最も進んだ人工知能を搭載しています

  • Now, all you have to do is direct it where to go.


  • Here, let’s take a closer look.


  • Look at this thing.


  • It’s a total redesign.


  • Polished shell, vented Composite Core underbelly engineered for strength and weight.

    ツヤのある外観と 強度と軽さを兼ね備えたコア

  • Sleek, refined, elegant.

    流線型で 洗練され エレガントなデザインです

  • But there’s tremendous strength in elegance.


  • Look—a reinforced gimbal for greater stability.


  • And the motorsrefined for increased flight efficiency


  • Raised so you can go faster without propellers poking into footage where they don’t belong.

    プロペラはかさ上げされ 画面に映りこむことはありません

  • That’s going to come in handy when youre going fast.


  • How fast?


  • That fast.


  • We've added a new Sport Mode for more experienced pilots to get eye-popping shots

    経験豊富なパイロット向けには スポーツモードを搭載 これにより驚きの映像が撮影できます

  • or maybe just to bring out your inner speed demon.


  • Philosopher Immanual Kant said: "All of our knowledge begins with the senses"

    哲学者のイマヌエル・カント曰く 「全ての知識は知覚する事から始まる」

  • For the Phantom 4, it’s the same exact thing.

    Phantom 4もまさしく同じです

  • Weve added four sensorslike eyesin front and underneath that do Sonar Detection

    目のように機能する4つのセンサーを期待の前方と下方に搭載 音波検知機能や

  • and Point Cloud Stereoscopic Recognitionlook, it can see everything in front of it from nearly 50 feet away.


  • And over 30 feet underneath it.


  • Obstacles like trees, rocks, bison, it hits the brakes. Full stop.

    木や 岩 バイソンなどの障害物を検知すると ブレーキがかかり機体は停止

  • Check this out:


  • The Phantom 4’s self-flying innovations are made possible by two revolutionary new features that simplify the flying experience

    Phantom 4の自律飛行は 操縦を容易にする2つのテクノロジーにより可能となりました

  • TapFly and ActiveTrack.


  • With TapFly, you need only to tap the live view on screen where you want to go, like say, right there.

    タップフライモードは スクリーン上をタップするとその場所に飛んでいきます

  • Right now, the Phantom 4 is intelligently adapting to its surroundings

    Phantom 4は人口知能を使い地面高度や障害物を分析し

  • detecting ground elevation and obstacles in its way.


  • When in TapFly mode, it will even reroute and navigate around an obstruction all by itself

    タップフライモードでは障害物周辺を回避しつつ 最適ルートを探しながら飛行します

  • and all you did was tap.


  • ActiveTrack allows the Phantom's camera to distinguish specific objects in its viewing path


  • and track them with just the tap of a finger and without any sort of remote receiver.

    トラッカーなしでも 指でタップするだけで物体を認識してくれます

  • It's this adaptive machine-learning that allows the Phantom to understand how you look from every angle,


  • even if it can only see you from one.


  • That means you, a friend, your pet- virtually anything you can think of.

    友達 ペットなどあらゆるものが撮影可能になるのです

  • and it has a flight range of up to 5 kilometers

    Phantom 4のフライト距離は最大5km

  • Are you seeing this? The Phantom is flying along and circling a moving subject, capturing smooth, perfect video.

    これを見てください 旋回しながら動いている物体をスムーズに撮影しています

  • This is an incredibly challenging shot to pull off. Ask any pilot.

    撮影には高度な技術が必要なショットです パイロットに聞いてみてください

  • But now, even the most demanding shot becomes uncomplicated, achieved with a simple flick of the stick.

    高度な撮影が簡単になり スティックを倒すだけで可能となりました

  • By the way, this intelligent technology means Return to Home is even smarter than before.


  • With this new sensory technology, it returns to you while avoiding and rerouting away from obstacles.

    新しいセンサーにより障害物を避け ルート変更しながらの自動帰還が可能となりました

  • It’s safer, easier, and more reliable than ever before.

    より安全で 簡単で 信頼性が向上しています

  • The addition of these new autonomous features means more usable shots than ever before


  • No more setup, no more ruined footage because of a bad angle or camera bump.

    セットアップ不要で アングルや急な移動による失敗がなくなります

  • Now all your shots are going to look like this, or this, or this

    これからの撮影はこうなります それともこれや もしくはこんな感じに

  • So...that’s awesome.


  • The Phantom 4’s camera is better than ever.

    Phantom 4のカメラは一新されました

  • Its new lens is composed of eight separate elements for improved sharpness and chromatic aberration handling.

    レンズは8枚で構成され シャープさや色収差が改善されています

  • It also shoots in 4k ultra-high definition at 24, 25, and 30fps; and 60, and 120 frames per second at 1080.

    4Kでは24 25 30fpsで撮影可能で 1080pでは60 120fpsまで対応しています

  • And we couldn’t forget the battery. Completely redesigned, reformed to be more compact and easier to access.

    バッテリーも忘れてはいけません デザインは一新され コンパクトになりアクセスが簡単になりました

  • All while increasing the flight time to 28 minutes.


  • All in a composite core unibody which is lighter and sturdier than aluminum.


  • Your senses are what dial you in to all aspects of life and the world around you.


  • We are only the capacity of what we experience.


  • The Phantom 4 is the first quadcopter to harness those senses and show you a world without limits.

    世界初の感覚を備えたクアッドコプターで 自由自在に飛びその体験を伝えることができます

  • It is truly your flying companion.


  • By your side, actively involved in every adventure and burst of inspiration you might stumble on.

    常にあなたに寄り添い あらゆるアドベンチャーやインスピレーションをサポートします

  • With the Phantom 4, the world is your blank canvas.

    Phantom 4を使うと 世界は真っ白なキャンバスに感じるでしょう

  • What are you going to do with it?


When DJI takes to the sky, we break new ground. It’s that simple.



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