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- It's sort of a sad thought in a way
to think 10 years that on Saturday nights
I'm dressing up in the costume and putting the claws on.
(dramatic music)
We've got ourselves an X-Men fan.
Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this.
- This is so super exciting.
Thank you for taking the time talking to me.
- It is my pleasure.
- First I would love to know how do you feel about goodbyes?
In general?
Not great at goodbyes.
I like them to be quick.
I sometimes will actually just avoid them.
I'm the guy at the party who just walks out
rather than say goodbye to everybody.
And in this case it took me 17 years
to say goodbye, so I was ready for it and I'm okay
but it was emotional last night watching the movie.
I was sitting next to Patrick Stewart and James Mangold,
the writer director, both of whom I've worked with
16, 17 years so it was, it was a lot to take in.
- [Man] Logan, what did you do?
- [Man] Charles the world is not the same as it was.
Mutants, they're gone now.
- How would a good day for Logan look like?
Let's say he is retired,
he doesn't have a care in the world.
- I think he's on a boat.
I think he's probably on a boat
and there's a few, maybe possibly
one or two other people, but that's about it
and he's probably got a cigar and a beer
and he's fishing and it's easy.
Like I think he wants just
a simple, easy, uncomplicated life.
Sounds like most men I know.
- You are not only a brilliant actor,
you also very talented as singer and dancer.
How would you stage a musical performance number
for the Wolverine?
- I wouldn't.
I'm obviously not that talented,
but I cannot see that working
in any way, shape, or form.
I'm not sure if I could see Wolverine himself
going to a musical, let alone being in one.
He'd just walk on there and anyone starts singing,
he would start fighting them.
Don't start, he'd be that guy, don't, don't, don't sing.
- [Man] This is what life looks like.
People who love each other, a home.
You should take a moment.
Feel it.
(dramatic music)
You still have time.
- I imagine when you play a character
for about 17 years, and then you have to say goodbye
it still will stay with you.
- Of course.
- Do you feel like there will be moments
in the future when you are going to let the Wolverine out?
- That's interesting.
Maybe, yeah.
It'd be, it's sort of a sad thought
in a way to think in 10 years on Saturday nights
I'm dressing up in the costume and putting the claws on.
It doesn't leave you, it's like,
it's not just a memory, it's something
that you've helped to create so it's part of who you are
and always will be, so but it's been good therapy
for me for the past 17 years.
- Could you even imagine your life
or how it would look like if you wouldn't have gone
into acting, if you would've gone
a completely different way?
- Yeah I'd probably be sitting where you are.
I actually went to university and majored in journalism,
so I'd probably be where you are
and I would've enjoyed that.
I actually...
I, I even in acting you notice
I do lots of different things,
so I do believe there's more than one path necessarily
but nothing has, certainly when I was studying
to be a journalist and I compare it to when
I was studying to be an actor, the passion was
way higher being an actor.
I never missed a day.
The other one felt a little bit like a chore.
- So if you were sitting in my chair right now,
who would you like to interview?
Is there a person you would love to talk with?
- Oh a lot, yeah lots of people.
I'm interested in philosophers and I'm interested
in cutting edge sort of scientists and politicians.
That's probably, not a lot of actors.
I would, but you know I work and live with them
so maybe that's just not as interesting to me.
- And is there an actor maybe also from the past
you would like to have a chat with
you never had the chance to?
- Yeah, I like Cary Grant, Gregory Peck.
Paul Scofield, British actor.
I'd love to talk with those guys.
- Nice, thank you so much for the interview.
- My pleasure.
(dramatic music)


Logan | Hugh Jackman says goodbye to Wolverine - Exclusive Interview

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