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How old were you when the first Harry Potter came out, when you went to that premiere?
Oh my god, uhh...
Ten or eleven? Ten?
Do you remember what you wore?
Do you wanna see?
I don't know if I do.
Oh wow.
Do you remember wearing that?
This was special.
You know what, I do.
Because, you know, this was my first ever movie premiere and my mum and I planned this for weeks.
It doesn't look like it but there was a lot of thought that went into this.
Umm, I thought it looked amazing by the way.
Well, I bet you did then.
You know, it just that, looking at it now...
Bless me.
I bet you looked fantastic then.
So, was this a role to take on that you wanted to do like, watching Beauty and the Beast?
Did you think, "I wanna play that character"?
Oh my god, if you have told me when I was five, which was probably around the age that I was watching it on repeat,
that I would one day get to be Belle, I get to play Belle from Beauty and the Beast...
I would, I mean I don't know what I would have done.
A, I wouldn't have believed you;
and B, I would have freak out.
I mean, I watched it so many times I made my parents crazy. So many times.
That's what kids do, that's what you do with those movies.
But you took it and I think you did some really cool things with it, because you sort of changed her to be a little stronger.
Yeah, I think it was very important to me that she be very active and that she be very in control of her own destiny.
And yeah, I wanted her to be powerful, I mean she already was, to be honest.
And that's a great role for you to play.



【エレンの部屋】エマ・ワトソンが映画「美女と野獣」について語る(Emma Watson Talks 'Beauty and the Beast' and Her First Movie Premiere)

44118 タグ追加 保存
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