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  • Hi, I'm Tim and this is my pronunciation workshop.

  • Here, I'm gonna show you how English is really spoken. It'll help you become a better listener

  • and a more fluent speaker. Come on, let's go inside.

  • Today, we're going to be talking about war. War... what is it good for? Well, as it turns out, it

  • can be used to help illustrate a feature of fluent speech. As you can see, we write 'war'

  • with three letters:

  • w, a, and r,

  • but when we pronounce it there are only two sounds:

  • The 'r' in the spelling is not pronounced in the word itself, or if the next word begins

  • with a consonant sound. But, have a listen to this. We went out and asked people in the

  • streets of London to name a famous Russian book. This is what they said:

  • Err, the most famous Russian book I can think of is

  • Simple, right? Everybody knows War and Peace.

  • I've never heard of the book War and Peace.

  • Well, almost everybody. But have another listen

  • to the way they say it.

  • The word after 'war' begins with a vowel sound. And in this case, the 'r' is pronounced.

  • War and Peace; War and Peace. This is called a 'linking r' and it helps to make the words

  • flow together more smoothly in natural speech. Here are some more examples:

  • So, you've heard the examples - now it's your turn.

  • Are you ready to give it a try? Listen and repeat.

  • How did you get on? Great. Remember, if you

  • want to read more about this topic please visit our website:

  • And that's everything from the pronunciation workshop this week. Now, I'm off to do some DIY. Bye.

  • Can somebody call for an ambulance? Please!

Hi, I'm Tim and this is my pronunciation workshop.


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PRONUNCIATION: リンクしている/r/。 (PRONUNCIATION: The linking /r/)

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