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  • Hey jems! It's your girl.

  • Today's video is all about styling the denim jacket.

  • I'm so proud to announce that this video is in partnership with Levi's

  • who I think is THE brand for denim. They're denim legends.

  • I have been rocking Levi's since I was a little kid

  • So I'm super stoked to show you the five outfits I whipped up using their denim jackets

  • so let's get started!

  • The first option I'm wearing is an every day on the go look.

  • This outfit definitely reminds me of my Davis days when I used to rush to class.

  • I love these Levi's denim jackets because you can use the inner stitching as an extra pocket

  • to store your wallet and other belongings.

  • I decided to pair it with a black hoodie because the zipper detailing goes well with the cool tones.

  • For my bottoms I wore some distressed acid washed skinnies to streamline the look

  • For shoes I'm wearing some super comfy sneakers

  • Then topped the outfit with a warm black beanie.

  • Do not be afraid of the Canadian Tuxedo.

  • Wearing double denim is really easy when you pair it this way

  • I've styled this true blue denim jacket with a chambray top that's similar in color

  • I thought keeping it monochromatic at the top would be a chic way to rock this denim duo

  • To jazz up the look I wore a pair of my shiny patent zipper boots

  • and a funky hat to finish everything off!

  • I'm a huge advocate of layering because it can completely transform a piece of clothing.

  • In this outfit I'm going to upgrade my Levi's black denim jacket by adding a black pleather vest to it.

  • By throwing on this new texture you instantly have a cool edgy feel.

  • For my top I decided to go with this flowy white blouse

  • and then squeezed into my black distressed skinnies for my bottom half of the look.

  • In this next outfit I dressed up the denim jacket for the girly girls out there.

  • This Levi's denim jacket is one of my favorites because of the cute desert embroidery.

  • I just love that you can really customize the jackets to reflect what you're feeling.

  • I dolled it up by pairing it with a corduroy skirt and I think that these two textures look amazing together.

  • Underneath I'm wearing a cream sweater with cool metal details

  • and then coordinated the top with my pierced beret.

  • For my final outfit I have something very 90s.

  • These days I've been loving this baggy silhouette because it really plays with proportions

  • This white denim jacket is ridiculously oversized and that's the exact reason why I'm obsessed with it.

  • I paired it with this cream knit sweater and it doesn't feel too constricted cos how large the the jacket is.

  • For my bottoms I'm wearing my classic mom jeans

  • and then I added a little shine with these boots.

  • Alright guys that's a wrap on the lookbook.

  • Feel free to open the description box for the links for the denim jackets.

  • I truly believe that a denim jacket is something everybody needs in their wardrobe.

  • It is a closet essential for sure.

  • If guys want to comment down which outfit was your favorite, please do!

  • I would also want to know which clothing item I should style next.

  • I wanna know what you guys want to see!

  • If you guys enjoyed the video feel free to "like", subscribe to my channel.

  • It would mean a lot to me and I'll see you guys in the next one!

  • Bye~

Hey jems! It's your girl.


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